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I'm 11 wks post gynecomastia (liposuction/gland incision). I can see first signs of gland regrowth. What can I do? (Photo)

I think my gynecomastia is coming back, please help me with advice. I did not gain any weight while recovering and everything was going smooth, but... READ MORE

Estrogin Dominance? (photo)

Hello Everyone,I have a question..Is it wise to have male breast reduction surgery while having estrogen dominance..meaning my testosterone converts... READ MORE

I got fat on one side of my chest overnight?

I've been working out on my chest a lot lately, I was starting to get nice pecs, but this morning I woke up, and I noticed that I have a lot more fat... READ MORE

Gynecomastia re growth?

I recently had gynecomastic surgery done(8 months ago)with excellent results.I have never used steroids,but decided to try a single injection,which... READ MORE

I have read that Flexeril can cause gynecomastia. Can It cause regrowth after surgery?

Hi docs I just had a bilateral masectomy and decided to take 3 flexeril 10mg in last 72 hours to help sleep cause of some back discomfort. After... READ MORE

Hello Doctors. I've written here before, but I am still concerned about my post gyno surgery results. Can it possibly grow back?

I was completely flat after my surgery. It is approaching 2 months post surgery now and I am seeing the results progressively worsen. I don't... READ MORE

My gynecomastia was done 7 weeks ago. In this time my gynecomastia has regrown a little. How to get rid this problem?

My gynecomastia is regrowing a little one side and pain also in my chest and I'm sleeping not comfertable please help me READ MORE

Gynecomastia regrowth from arimidex usage?

Is it possible for arimidex to cause a rebound in estrogen in individuals who have never used steroids? I took 2 week of 0.25mg/day of arimidex in... READ MORE

Will they grow back if I use steroids again?

I took steroids and grew male breasts, after years I finally just took them out ... if I use steroids again will they grow back READ MORE

Three months post-op after revision surgery. Gynecomastia regrowth or just swollen? (Photo)

Hi all. I wrote more than 500 letters explaining my problem but as the limit is 500 i will just focus in revision surgery, and upload a photo with all... READ MORE

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