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How Long Is A Compression Garment Needed After Male Breast Reduction?

Are garments worn for more than 6 weeks after a breast reduction surgery? What is the longest that they might need to be worn? READ MORE

Loose Skin and Male Breast Reduction?

Would breast reduction surgery remove the loose skin after significant weight loss? Are most men happy with the results from surgery? READ MORE

Areola Revision / Reduction Post-Gynecomastia Surgery

I underwent a surgery overseas where my Dr. advised me that to get my chest contoured. well he had to perform a procedure where an incision around the... READ MORE

How Much Weight is Typically Lost After Male Breast Reductions?

What type of diet would you recommend to obtain and maintain the best post-surgical results? READ MORE

What Can One Use to Get Rid of Male Breast Reduction Scars?

Will some scaring fade on its own after breast reduction surgery? READ MORE

Is Male Breast Reduction Possible with a Pill? or Without Surgery?

Has Gynexin worked for some men who want to reduce their chest/breasts. Who would it work for? READ MORE

Post-Gynecomastia Surgery - Reduction of Nipple Tip?

I had the Gynecomastia procedure done Dec 29th I had asked the Dr if the nipples would also be done at this time of procedure and was told yes But the... READ MORE

What Can Help Determine if Male Breast Reduction is Warranted?

Is there some sort of self-measurement? What will the doctor do at the consultation? How much is a consultation? READ MORE

is 6 months enough for the final results of gynecomastia or one year?

I am 6 months post op (very small gland and liposuction) My chest looks better but I still get puffy nipples when it is warm. My doctor insists that... READ MORE

Since it's mild gyno is local anesthesia possible? Could the cost be reduced? (photos)

Could I be turned away because of my special case? I took finasteride for 1 month, and then saw palmetto for 3 months. My breasts increased as a... READ MORE

What type of Male Breast Reduction is best for me? I am looking for a second opinion. (Photos)

I have seen a plastic surgeon. He is suggesting that I have to have a more extreme reduction and their will be visible scars because of the excess... READ MORE

Can gynecomastia and nipple reduction be done at the same time with the same incision site?

Can gynecomastia and nipple reduction be done at the same time with the same incision site? Im not too sure about it and will this increase the... READ MORE

How to reduce my nipples? (Photo)

Sir, iam rajesh 20years old iam boy. Who to reduce my nipples naturally READ MORE

How long after gynecomstia surgery can I have a nipple reduction?

I m ali frm pakistan.i m 24 years old last week i operate the gynecomstica surgery.after one week i visit to my surgeon and they open my surgery... READ MORE

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