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Is It Possible To Get a Sculpted Chest After Lipo For Gynecomastia?

I have gotten lipo+excision on my gynecomastia, I feel too much fat has been removed. Also since im a Med School student I was wondering is fat... READ MORE

Is my Pectoral Muscle, And/or my Shoulders Deformed? (photo)

Hello Doc's! It always seemed to me that my upper body was a bit deformed, because I seemed to have a left pec but no right one. So now, I have... READ MORE

My right pectoral looks more puffy then the left pectoral. Is it still swollen, or are these the results? (photos)

Just wondering about swelling and if my results will only get more and more flat over time or is it possible they don't stay as flat over time? My... READ MORE

If you have a lot of pec muscles will a Gyno surgery still be available?

Will having muscles in the chest area create problems removing the glands in anyway? READ MORE

Can a build up fluid post gynecomastia surgery make it look like one side may not have been operated on properly? (photo)

My right pectoral seems perfect atm and I'm very happy however my left seems that there may be some glad left and the nipple is slightly protruding... READ MORE

Is it possible to confuse the pectoralis for glandular tissue? (Photo)

When I self examine, I feel what I believe to be glandular tissue. Is it possible that what I am actually feeling it's my pec? Essentially, is it... READ MORE

Can Gynecomastia crater revision be done with fat grafting? Fat flap? Pec implants? (Photos)

I have undergone gynecomastia procedure about 10 yrs ago which left me with crater deformity so i went for fat grafting performed on my right side as... READ MORE

Is this gynecomastia or just chest fat? (Photos)

I want those hard pecs but im afraid that i have gyno READ MORE

Chest pecs hard to gain muscle after chest execesion surgrey?

I Did 1st surgery in 2012 march tummy tuck/chest reduction because of me having manboobs from being overweight which consisted of lipo in chest and... READ MORE

Residual tissue or not? (photos)

I had gyno surgery 3.5 weeks ago and my left pec seems to either have residual tissue or some swelling still. I had gland and lipo done to remove gyno... READ MORE

Flexed my right pecs accidentally after gynecomastia surgery: circle shape has occurred over there. (photos)

I had gynecomastia surgery(excision and lipo) 9 days before. Everything was looking great. But yesterday, I somehow flexed my chest accidently and now... READ MORE

2 years post-op chest seems unshaped and doesn't have curve like chest, does the surgery effect the muscle? (photos)

Did 1st surgery in 2012 march tummy tuck/chest reduction because of me having boobs from being overweight which consisted of lipo in chest and tissue... READ MORE

I had gynecomastia surgery 7 months ago and have indents in my right pec. (photo)

Also, it appears a ring if fat was left accentuating the indent more. Is there any way to resolve these issues without revision? Would massage help? READ MORE

Why is my chest so feminine and what can I do to get normal male pecs? (photos)

Help it gynestomastia....must I have surgery? Been this way since 5 im 22 now .Help me please I need answers. READ MORE

Not got flat chest after gyno surgery. Should I do revision? (photos)

I had gyno surgery 6 weeks ago. But my chest still doesn't look flat. Asked the PS But he said he has removed all the gland and fat and what left is... READ MORE

How can I improve my ROM & reduce skin tightening w/ horizontal abduction/shoulder flexion after gynecomastia surgery? (Photos)

I'm three weeks postop from my gynecomastia surgery and I'm wondering how I can reduce skin tightness and reduced range of motion when I horizontally... READ MORE

3 months post op from getting a subcutaneous mastectomy from my general surgeon, do I look fine? (Photo)

My left pectoral has healed nicely but I'm confused as to why my right side looks a bit off, what course of action do you feel I should take? Or is... READ MORE

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