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What Causes an Overgrowth of the Breast Tissue is Men?

What are the options to get rid of the excess tissue? READ MORE

Do I have gynecomastia or just fat? (Photo)

I was wondering whether i have gyno or just fat around my chest. I'm not sure. I am overweight and have lost a lot off weight and built muscle and am... READ MORE

I had Gynecomastia Surgery (gland excision & lipo) one month ago, will the bottom of chest flatten out?

I am a 29 yr old who was once overweight but now in good shape. I had gynecomastia surgery (gland removal + lipo) exactly one month ago with a board... READ MORE

Do I need a revision surgery? It has been exactly 5 months since I had my gynecomastia surgery. Was flat after surgery (Photos)

I was flat after surgery and quickly put the compression vest on. I am over weight but have not gained any weight in the 5 months post surgery. I am... READ MORE

I'm a M-F transgender aged now 64, I transitioned at age 38. My breasts are too large and I have had no surgery. Is this common?

How common is this? As a male I was @38inch chest, but now am @44DD . Whilst being somewhat overweight, I feel very embarrassed by my size up top. I... READ MORE

Gynecomastia or just fat? (Photos)

So I got Gyno surgery about 2 years ago lipo and gland excision and it's still not as flat as I would like it to be. I'm about the same weight I was... READ MORE

Is this gynecomastia? (Photo)

Do I have gynecomastia?.. If not then what is it... Do I have gynecomastia?.. If no then what is it... Why is my chest so puffy?.. It's our because of... READ MORE

Should I be looking into liposuction for my (pseudo?) gynecomastia? (Photos)

I had been overweight from ages 9 through 17 (now 18); around age 13 I started becoming very self-conscious about my man boobs, though no significant... READ MORE

Is this 100% guaranteed gynecomastia? (Photos)

I've been thinking of exercisesing cause I'm over weight I think it may be psudeogynecomastia READ MORE

Chest nipples still big after revision on areola. (photos)

Did 1st surgery in 2012 march tummy tuck/chest reduction because of me having boobs from being overweight which consisted of lipo in chest and tissue... READ MORE

Overweight male looking for gynecomastia surgery (breast reduction) (Photo)

Hi, I was looking for some advice on gynecomastia surgery. I have felt my chest and both feel like they have some breast tissue. I was wondering... READ MORE

Chest looking uneven and weird after gynecomastia surgery without lipo? (Photos)

Had the surgery 3 years ago. A General Surgeon had performed it without lipo. I am overweight and I can feel that I do not have breast tissue under my... READ MORE

Need a revision. Could the majority of the fat be taken from my chest, or would I need to lose weight? (Photo)

I just feel there is soo much fat as well as still gland left in my pecs making them pointy. I know I'm a little overweight but not too much. Probly... READ MORE

Do I have gynocomastia and if so do I need treatment? (photos)

When I was younger (grade school through freshman year of high school) I was over weight and had man boobs and to this day I am still self conscious.... READ MORE

I am from india now in UAE. My husband is suffering from gynecomastia and overweight? (photo)

Which disturbs our life cycle his weight is 100 kg and below, but his chest would be 30 cm breadth which i too feel say openly he... READ MORE

I am 41 and have Sever gynecomastia and over weight

I am over weighted 141kg with sever gynecomastia I don't take any drugs is their any solution but surgery? Shall I loose overweight first then go to... READ MORE

Is it normal for my left side vest to be little saggy after 2 months and 10 days of gynecomastia surgery? (photo)

I had tissue removed and a bit of skin. I understand it can take quite some time to see perfect results. I am just worried about this side of the... READ MORE

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