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Do All The Gynecomastia Surgeries Need Gland Removal and Liposuction? Can It Be Gland Removal Only?

Well , i went to a surgeon we made tests and ultrasounds on both breasts , and yes i have gynecomastia , he said that he will do gland removal , my... READ MORE

Normal After Gynocomastia To Have Hardness Under Nipple?

Hello, i had gyno surgery. i'm six weeks post op and on my right nipple there is a hardness directly under it and around it where hte tissue is... READ MORE

Puffy Nipples Month After Gynecomastia Surgery, Is This Normal? (photo)

Hi, i had gyno surgery 4 weeks ago now on both sides via lipo & incision, i have noticed a big difference in the right areola as it is only a... READ MORE

How Do I Tell The Difference Between Scar Tissue Or Left Over Fat After Gynecomastia Correction?

I had gynecomastia corrction (lipo + excision) 7 weeks ago and am still very puffy. Is this scar tissue or left over glandular/fat the PS dodn't... READ MORE

How To Improve Recovery of Gynecomastia 2 Weeks Post Op?

I had surgery 2weeks ago and still there is a lot of bruising (discoloration) and some lose skin around the aerola. can a massage be done to make the... READ MORE

Little Difference After Gynecomastia Surgery - Is That Normal?

I had gynecomastia and a tummy tuck surgery 3 weeks ago, my doctor said he did liposuction, removed breast tissue and skin from around the nipples.... READ MORE

Nipple/Areola Changed Colors After Gynecomastia Surgery?

I had Gynecomastia Surgery 4 day ago and I noticed today that part of my right nipple has a purplish/blackish color on it now. Is this normal? READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Pain, Swollen Lymph Nodes Under Left Arm After 8 Days Post-OP of Gynecomastia?

Sir, i am 23 and i had my gynecomastia treatment 8 days back using both SAL and gland excision. My chest has become flat and there is no swelling or... READ MORE

Swelling Around Nipple After 3+ Months of Surgery?

I have gone through a gynecomastia surgery in april 2012, n now its july end but still there is a much swelling around nipple. it is the area where my... READ MORE

How common is caved in or inverted nipple post gynecomastia surgery?

I received gynocemastia surgery about a year ago. I am getting a follow up surgery the end of this month. My one nipple has slightly grown tissue back... READ MORE

Nipples are Still Puffy 2 Months After Gynecomastia, Is this Normal? (photo)

I am worried my Nipples are still puffy. Please tell me how long they will remain like this and whether this condition is OK or not. Please answer Fast READ MORE

Why shape of Nipple looks Weird after Gynecomastia Surgery? Doctors bad experience? or it's normal? (Photo)

Sir, I had 1st liposuction surgery in July-14 for my left side gyno which didn't give any result and size grown more with puffy nipple! I informed my... READ MORE

I noticed air bubbles under my skin after gynecomastia surgery. Is this normal?

Hi there 6 days after gynacomastia sergery I noticed air bubbles under my skin where operation was performed is this ok bit worried at the moment... READ MORE

5+ Weeks Since Male Breast Liposuction, Still Very Painful, When Will It Stop Hurting?

I had liposuction to my breast area and underarms on May 25, 2012. It is still very painful. It only seems to be marginally better, but not day by... READ MORE

Destruction of nipple after gynaecomastia surgery (Photo)

I had gone through bilateral gynaecomastia surgery 1 month ago ,doctor performed removal of gland through trans nipple incision not perinipple... READ MORE

Weird shape of the nipple after gyno surgery. Will it improve? (Photo)

I am 4 days post gyno operation, my left nipple looks ok, but my right one has weird nipple skin(looks like a scar, but it's not) at the bottom, what... READ MORE

I have one Puffy nipple 6 weeks after gyno op! Is this normal? (photo)

I had gynecomastia surgery exactly 6 weeks ago both lipo/incision. I have worn a compression garment for 5 weeks and followed all the rules/advice... READ MORE

Is this nipple appearance normal 3 weeks post gynecomastia surgery? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op and just wondering if the nipple appearance is normal. One side looks perfect, the other side looks a little different. It seems... READ MORE

How Long After Gynecomastia Does it Take for Nipple Swelling to go Down and Return to Normal Size? (photos)

Hi ,. today's my 3 months ago for Breast reduction operation but i see some swelling this can remove with while ? i still feel ashamed about this... READ MORE

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