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Loose Skin and Male Breast Reduction?

Would breast reduction surgery remove the loose skin after significant weight loss? Are most men happy with the results from surgery? READ MORE

I recently underwent a Male Breast Reduction and I'm worried about the size of my nipples post op. (photos)

This is 2nd op to remove excess skin from losing 10 stone. I had the surgery carried out 2 weeks ago and have started massaging the wound area to help... READ MORE

Not happy with Tummy Tuck! Not enough removed. (photo)

Hi all one week ago i got a tummy tuck. Post op im really not happy. I feel not enough skin was removed. Also i was told pre op that it would be... READ MORE

Do I need an excision or just liposuction? I have gynecomastia (Photos)

Hi I have rise in the chest area and as especially behind the nipple and the region is a little bit hard and firm even when I nearly loose 100lb the... READ MORE

Lost 200 lbs, extreme gynecomastia remains. What type of procedure do I go with? WHO do I go to? (photos)

My loose skin accompanied with what believe to be gynecomastia. After my weight balancing out (I'm trying to get back down to a healthy 200) I have... READ MORE

21 yo male after 120 lb weight loss my breasts have not reduced, do you think I have Pseudogynocomastia or Gynocomastia? (photo)

Hi Doctors. Since puberty I started gaining fat around my waist and chest. I was 140kg at 18yo and now at 21 I dropped my weight down to about 85 kg... READ MORE

Late 40s, down 100 pounds, and body needs repair. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'd like to have my lower body and chest area reconstructed. What are my procedure options for having this done? I'm looking at having the... READ MORE

Wanting to know best options for severe gyno surgery and tummy tuck or lipo in stomach and flanks? (photos)

Post op gastric sleeve from 12/2013. Went from 401 to 309 and dealing with options to lift breast and reduce severely the size as well as want sltummy... READ MORE

Does my case require scars on my chest? (Photos)

Im a 25 yo male who lost around 100lbs when I was younger. I recently had a consultation with what I thought was a pretty good surgeon in my area, and... READ MORE

Looking for advice on best approach for my gynecomastia. (Photo)

I lost a total of just over 125lbs naturally (322lbs to 195lbs) a few years back. I'm very active (running, weight lifting, etc.) and I'm moving... READ MORE

Free nipple graft or pedistal lift? Had gynecomastia in August w/ beneli lift. Not happy going for revision in 3 wks. (photo)

Hi doctors I need to make sure this time it looks normal. I feel gross and super embarrassed of my chest. Everyone says it looked better before. I... READ MORE

Are there any surgeries for male breast reduction that minimize the risk of loss of nipple sensation? (photos)

Ive lost about 100 pounds and am now looking to do something about the loose skin and fat on my chest and abdomen. Are there any options for treating... READ MORE

Gynecomastia surgery/chest lift + lower body lift for fit 26 year old man. Which first?

I am a 26 year old man who shed 45kg (100lbs) post high school. I am only 5'7, so I've been left with loose skin. I have met with several surgeons who... READ MORE

Can I have a Fleur De Lis Body Lift and a Gynecomastia together? (Photos)

I am 41 years old. I am healthy with no medical history. I have lost 350 lbs since 2009 and maintained. I am 6'4 and weigh 234 I would like to remove... READ MORE

Weight loss before Gynecomastia correction? Over 100 lbs lost, but does the last 50 really matter? (Photo)

I'm a 25YO 6'3" male. I have been as high as 333 lbs but am currently at 230 and have been holding steady for about 8 months. I really want to have it... READ MORE

Will I need gynecomastia surgery and a breast lift? Significant weight loss (Photo)

Hello! I am looking for some assistance as to what type of surgery I will need. I have lost over 140 pounds over the course of 2 years. Docs, Any... READ MORE

Loose Skin, Chest Fat or Gyno? Is Smartlipo right for me?... Wanting a great looking chizzled chest? (photo)

I am a 35 years old, have lost 100lbs over two years and currently weigh 180lbs (15% BF). I work out 5 times a week. I have consulted a leading... READ MORE

Very large breasts with skin under the sides of my chest, looking for the best outcome. What's your opinion? (photos)

My starting weight in 2009 was 587. I now weigh 234. I was wearing 72" pants and now wear 40" I need to know if I should look at a lower body lift... READ MORE

Is this fat or tissue? (Photo)

I'd like to know whether the tissue on my chest is fat or something else? I'm a male who lost 120 lbs and when trying to get my skin tightened I was... READ MORE

1 month post op gynocamastia - should I still have breasts? Have a hard time believing things will flatten out.

I lost 100lbs 11yrs ago and had very loose and saggy breasts. Dr said they would make my chest flat by shirnking the areola and with lipo. I didn't... READ MORE

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