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How Visible Are the Incision Scars After Having Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Exactly how is male breast reduction surgery different from female breast reduction surgery? Is the procedure less time consuming or less complicated... READ MORE

Liposuction Without Excising Glandular Tissue for Gynecomastia?

I am not comfortable with excising glandular tissue through an incision. I have a small degree of enlargement and want to know if Liposuction alone... READ MORE

Unusual Approach to Gynecomastia?

I am a 32 year old male who had Liposuction of breasts about a year ago. Also, my surgeon chose to address the gynecomastia through incisions below... READ MORE

Should I get my incision wet after surgery?

Hello, I had gynecomastia surgery on March 20. I am going to shower tonight March 24, but should I keep the incision dry? I dont mind doing this for... READ MORE

Sun exposure after gynecomastia surgery?

I had Gynecomastia surgery on March 20th and I will be going to Las Vegas on May 28th (2 months 8 days) I would like to go in the sun/swim (not over... READ MORE

Incision for Excision of Glandular Formation After Vaser Lipo?

I had Vaser Liposuction done for Gynecomastia. It didn't turn out well as there is substantial glandular formation. My doctor is willing to go back... READ MORE

When does pain from Gynecomastia surgery subside?

I had Gynecomastia surgery around 19 days back...n still there is pain from cuts n incisions especially around my rib area...when will this pain get... READ MORE

Male Breast Gland Removal Incision Problems? (photo)

My incision site has turn black just the actual incision not the nipple . The edges look raised and dry. Don't want my incision to come apart think I... READ MORE

I have loose skin after weight loss. It cause me to have droopy breasts. What procedure would you recommend? (photos)

1st surgeon recommended a small incision under the nipple &remove the glands with a little lipo around the side. 2nd surgeon said the above procedure... READ MORE

Gynecomastia post surgery review and ideas for further improvement. May I expect the size to reduce more? (Photo)

I had revision surgery last week for gynecomastia after 1 year. I had vaser lipo only as dr said, glands were small that came out .He took out 500 cc... READ MORE

Male Breast Reduction; Why This Method and Can This Be Fixed?

9 months ago I had my gyno removed. I understand that when the doctor removes the tissue it is normally done through an incision under the areola. My... READ MORE

Bumpiness and remaining loose skin following male breast reduction surgery? (photos)

Hello, A month ago I had surgery to reduce loose skin on my chest following weight loss. The surgeon performed donut incisions around the areolas to... READ MORE

Why do I have puffy swelling at incision and are my nipples healing properly after male tummy tuck and breast reduction? (photo)

Male 40 years old. Had tummy tuck and male breast reduction after weight loss. 5 weeks post-op. Concern #1 is the swelling at the incision point in... READ MORE

Just had Gynecomastia surgery, have a couple of questions. (photos)

Hi, i'd appreciate some profession opinions please Im 2 days post op a gyno surgery, Ive had Lipo done twice to my chest it appeared needed gland... READ MORE

Why would gynecomastia surgeon cut nipple?

I just had gyno surgery (tissue removal/lipo). There are bottom incisions as expected. But one of my nipples is cut and stitched right in the center... READ MORE

Do I need free nipple grafting and large incisions? (Photo)

I went to a see a plastic surgeon and he said my case of Gynecomastia was severe. He also said I would need free nipple grafting and that there were... READ MORE

I have a keloid: can I still get the gland removed? (Photo)

Hi , i have keloid scare in my chest , for around 7 or 8 years it was smaller and i noticed its grow , i do have gynocomastia to or man boobs , so its... READ MORE

9 months after gynecomastia. Did it come back? Would I need a revision? What went wrong? I wore vest all the time. (photo)

Nine months ago I got gynecomastia surgery done. 500cc of tumescent fluid were injected to both sides of chest. 500cc were aspirated from both sides.... READ MORE

How long does it take for gynecomastia surgery (incision and liposuction) to heal?

I have had the surgery 6 days ago. My doctor suggested that I do a massage and also ultrasound massage which would help. Do you think IT is a good... READ MORE

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