Healing + Male Breast Reduction

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Male Breast Reduction Recovery

What is the recovery time like after male breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery? What's the healing process like during recovery? READ MORE

I am very scared about how im healing after Gynecomastia

 I am 5 weeks post op and am very scared. I had my Gynecomastia surgery on August 8th 2011 and am very scared my wounds arent healing correctly.... READ MORE

Hematoma After Gynecomastia Surgery?

I had undergone gynecomastia surgery on 23rd Feb 2012. A few hours after the surgery the doctor discovered I have got a hematoma. As this PS uses... READ MORE

Post-Gynecomastia Areola Wound

Hello, I recently had gynecomastia surgery (3 weeks ago). The sutures on my left areola broke prematurely. This led to an infection (1 week ago),... READ MORE

I Had Gynomastia Removed Via Liposuction 8 Weeks Ago but Im Still Not Healed. Why is That?

I had gyno removed from my chest 8 weeks ago and I'm still not healed. Why am I still swollen at the lower part of my chest READ MORE

Sun exposure after gynecomastia surgery?

I had Gynecomastia surgery on March 20th and I will be going to Las Vegas on May 28th (2 months 8 days) I would like to go in the sun/swim (not over... READ MORE

Is This Swelling or Tissue? (photo)

Hey, i have had gynocomastia surgery 4 months ago on the left side, where my gyno was. but it has been 4 months and i still dont see any difference at... READ MORE

Will I Need the Purse-string Suture Removed? (photo)

I'm a male following severe weight loss and a gynomastia correction had a lollipop mastopexy to reduce areola size On one side the t shape scar has... READ MORE

What is your opinion on my progress? Should I be thinking of further revisions after the proper healing period? (photo)

Had gyno for approx 11 years. presently 24. Finally got the revision surgery approx 3 weeks ago. The first week, the chest was flat .with the swelling... READ MORE

1 month post op of Gynecomastia surgery without liposcution, I noticed my right nipple scar has widen. Is this normal? (photos)

Gynecomastia surgery without liposcution, only excision of breast tissue underneath the areola, i had the surgery in May 16 2014. internal... READ MORE

Nipple Not Quite Healing? (photo)

Does my chest look likes it's healing and what type of n Message,and is cardio ok at three weeks,out. I want to know if lymphoma massage is ok for my... READ MORE

My right nipple appears to be more bruised and darker then my left after Gynecomastia surgery. Should I be worried?

I recently got gynecomastia surgery done. got the gland removed and also liposuction. it has been 3 days since i got the surgery. is this a sign that... READ MORE

I had Gynocomastia Liposuction 4 weeks ago, I got a hematoma on one side right after. Surgeon wants to let it dissolve? (photos)

It's twice the size as the other chest and really firm. I went to the doctor again today and he said its too hard to drain and that all the blood was... READ MORE

Gynecomastia - Swelling Post Compression Garment?

I recently had gynecomastia surgery and followed all post-op instructions. I wore the compression garment for 6 weeks and a significant amount of the... READ MORE

5 Months PO, nipples still getting puffy, is this part of the healing process? (photo)

I had gynecomastia surgery in july and my nipples are still getting puffy with a hard ball just beneath the skin, is this still healing or will i have... READ MORE

I have a hard string under my chest at 5 weeks post-op, what is it? (photo)

Happy with the results so far, but have noticed a string going through the chest. It's only shown in certain positions but I can always feel it under... READ MORE

My nipple sunk in after gynecomastia surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

Only 2 weeks post op, and i know it can take 3-6 months to heal, but so far I am not happy with results. Chest isnt very flat and left nipple... READ MORE

Large Bilateral Gynecomastia surgery Lipo only via small holes on both sides.

Surgery Date: 2nd March 2014 I am satisfied with results, however feeling around nipple to pectoral area. And there is clipping of skin. Till when... READ MORE

One side of chest puffy 4 months after gyno surgery? (photos)

I had Gyno surgery (primarily gland excision) almost 4 months ago now. One side is healed just fine, but the other side still seems to be puffy for... READ MORE

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