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Can True Gynecomastia (Glandular Tissues) Be Cured by Liposuction?

I have puffy nipples and I went to see a government plastic surgeon. After scanning she told me that the glandular tissue is about 2.5cm. She... READ MORE

Do All The Gynecomastia Surgeries Need Gland Removal and Liposuction? Can It Be Gland Removal Only?

Well , i went to a surgeon we made tests and ultrasounds on both breasts , and yes i have gynecomastia , he said that he will do gland removal , my... READ MORE

How Long Does the Recovery Take from Doing a Gyenocmastia Removal ?

Taking in mind i already did a vaser surgery on for my gynocamstia however the gland is not completely gone , so how long will it take for me to go... READ MORE

Will Results Be Satisfying if I Keep the Gland Tissue and Only Remove Fat?

I have Grade 2 Gynecomastia. My situation warrants the removal of glandular tissue through a small incision in addition to some fat via lipo. However,... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Post Op (10 Weeks) and Have Hard Knots Behind the Center of Areola? (photo)

I underwent gynecomastia surgery 10 weeks ago. Excision of breast tissue and lipo was performed. I have hard knots behind the center of the areola... READ MORE

Hard Tissue Under Nipple?

Hi , 7 weeks ago i had a gyno surgery where the gland was removed, but i still see no difference and feel something hard under my nipple. I have heard... READ MORE

What is the appropriate treatment for Grade II Gynecomastia? (photos)

Hello Hello. I am 28. i have a grade II gynecomastia. The surgeons i saw said that the glandular component is rudimentary. The last Surgeon said that... READ MORE

How much will it cost to get glandular tissue removed without liposuction? (Photo)

I believe I have true gynecomastia but Im not sure.when I lift my arm up I can clearly see the glandular tissue.when I touch it, its like a small... READ MORE

Will it ever be possible to have a completely flat chest??? This is after minor surgery twice. Scar tissue or gland ?

Had the gland removed from both sides twice now the last being jan 13. Nipples pertrude and are hard surgeon says its scar tissue im not convinced and... READ MORE

Is good result achieved only through gland removal in gynecomastia but no liposuction ? (photo)

I went to my surgeon he told me that he will remove gland but not perform liposuction on it because it will cause more blood clot and will perform it... READ MORE

5 weeks post op gynecomastia surgery. Why is my chest not quite as flat as I'd hoped? Hard lump around bottom of nipple (Photo)

I'm a little concerned that my chest isn't as flat as I had hoped. It's significantly better (I don't have pre-op pictures, but I can tell you that my... READ MORE

Gland Removed Without Cutting Areola?

I just had gynecomastia surgery as well as tummy lyposuction yesterday in mexico city. I specifically told the doctor i wanted the glands removed. I... READ MORE

I still have puffy nipples 4 months after Gynecomastia surgery. Should I go back to the doctor? (photos)

To resume it: 1.- I had a gynecomstia surgery 4 months ago. 2.- When it happened, the doctor said "I left a little of gland under the área to avoide ... READ MORE

How Long Until Hematoma Heals After Gland Removal?

Well i did vaser lipo for my gynecomastia , then after 4 months the results were good but not good enough , so the doctor offered doing gland removal... READ MORE

2 months post op gynacomastia, Is it just swelling or residual gland ? (photos)

I had gynacomastia surgery two months ago , right nipple is flat but left is bit puffy i feel sumthing under d left nipple and around it pls have look... READ MORE

Still Have Puffy Nipples After @ Male Breast Reduction Surgeries, Could This be Excess Gland? (photo)

I got a gyno surgery and was told I did not have any breast gland problem, just exess fat.They did a lipo and removed 250cc and 200 from each.After 3... READ MORE

2.5 months post op gynecomastia surgery, will my condition improve in the future? (photos)

Hello....I hv gone through a gynecomastia surgery 2.5 months ago...lipo with gland excision...I hv some scar tissue on my right chest....and on my... READ MORE

Is it standard to remove all of the gland tissue in gynecomastia surgery?

My doc advised he had to remove all my gland tissue due to it having a chance to return and that it would have left a hard lump if he didn't. However,... READ MORE

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