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Gynecomastia Surgery, I had this problem from my early 20’s, need recommendations for doctors.

I am having Gynecomastia which is enlarged male breast and excessive fat tissue. I had this problem from my early 20’s. Now I am seriously thinking t... READ MORE

Gynecomastia - Looking for a Surgeon in NYC

I live in NYC I am looking for a competent surgeon for gynecomastia surgery. . . My price range is $2000.00 to $3200.00 due to the economy. Any help... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Surgeon Recommendations in Chicago

Gynecomastia Surgeon in Chicago. Any recommendations for a board certified surgeon in gynecomastia surgery in the Chicago area? Many Thanks. READ MORE

Gynecomastia in NYC with Local Anesthetic/Twilight Sedation?

Possible to perform Gynecomastia surgery under local anesthesia? It's a mild case. Slightly elevated breast+nipples. I know some doctors excuse is... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend a Gynecomastia Specialist in South Florida?

I know there are many plastic surgeons but I was wondering if there was anyone in Florida who really specialized in correcting gynecomastia cases?... READ MORE

Revision Gynecomastia Surgeon in Miami?

I'm looking for a doctor to perform revision gynecomastia surgery on me after a failed UAL attempt by another surgeon. I'm willing to travel... READ MORE

Gynocamestia Surgeon Los Angeles

I am looking for a surgeon for gynecomastia surgery in the los angeles area. Anyone have recommendations for good surgeons in LA? I'm a healthy 28... READ MORE

I have some scars under both nipples from gyno surgery. Would permanent makeup/medical tattooing be the right answer? (photo)

Hi, I have some scars under both nipples from gyno surgery, the surgery was successful expect there are still some signs of scaring its been about a... READ MORE

I have Medicaid. I am a male with gynocomastia & need a breast reduction. Is there a doctor in New York?

I have gynocomastia I am a male I need a breast reduction. I need help . I am looking for a doctor in new York who either does probono or or can get... READ MORE

Who Specializes in Male Areola Reduction with Incision Done at Base of Nipple?

I am male and plan on having my areolas reduced in size within the next month. I want to make sure as liitle of a scar is shown, for that reason I... READ MORE

I Have Been Diagnosed with Gynecomastia and in my Late Teens.

Does anyone have any suggestions for experienced surgeons in this procedure in the Indianapolis area? READ MORE

Are there any UK surgeons who perform mild gynecomastia surgery with local anaesthetic only?

I had gyno surgery about 10 months ago in Poland. The procedure was to perform lypo and excision to remove any lumps of hard tissue that give me my... READ MORE

Any gynecomastia specialists on east coast of Georgia? Near savannah?

I had gynecomastia surgery 3 weeks ago and it looks as though there was no difference at all! I'm outraged and out 5,500. My chest still pokes out a... READ MORE

What causes teen gynecomastia? What medications for a teen who has it for several years? Type of doctor to consult? (photo)

Hi, I am 17 years old from Philippines and I have man boobs since I was 11 or 12 years old. I really feel conscious about it since a lot of people... READ MORE

Do I have gyno? Which doctors can I go to, to check up and make sure it is? Is $3000 enough to cover up for the surgery? (Photo)

I have had chest thicker than normal person's since i was 12, I am now 22 and honestly I still don't have any clue whether I do have gyno or not.... READ MORE

Where to look to find a Specialist for male gynecomastia revision surgery? I am willing to go anywhere in the U.S.

Thanks to all who have commented so far. I have gotten on line to try and find specialists but I only find results for surgeons who do the surgery,... READ MORE

Lost 200 lbs, extreme gynecomastia remains. What type of procedure do I go with? WHO do I go to? (photos)

My loose skin accompanied with what believe to be gynecomastia. After my weight balancing out (I'm trying to get back down to a healthy 200) I have... READ MORE

Looking for free nipple graft surgeon(s) (Photo)

I think I've decided that a free nipple graft would be my best option. So now I'm starting my search for the correct board certified plastic surgeon.... READ MORE

What is procedure of gynecomestia surgery? (photos)

Dear Sir, I want required gynecomestia surgery.What is procedure of gynecomestia surgery.any chest muscles damage during surgery.any problem create by... READ MORE

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