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Deformed Chest After Male Breast Reduction?

I had Gynecomastia removal along with Liposuction on my chest. Anyway, it has been 3 1/2 weeks since the surgery and I have these hard lumps under my... READ MORE

Affordable Gynecomastia Surgery Offered at a Teaching Hospital: Good Idea?

There is a teaching hospital in my city which offers affordable plastic surgery, where I had a consultation with a resident who I really liked. If I... READ MORE

Is the Fat in my Chest Building Up Again After Gynecomastia Surgery?

2 months after my gynecomastia surgery, my chest has started to get a build up under my nipple. More so the left side than the right. After my surgery... READ MORE

Gynecomastia after surgery complications. What can I do to gain a symmetrical chest and fix the deformed areola? (Photo)

I have lost recently about 25 kgs after being obese for long time, I had gynecomastia and areola reduction surgeries at once 5 month ago. The result... READ MORE

Will leaving behind a small amount of glandular tissue after gynecomastia surgery become a complication?

I understand that the purpose of leaving behind a small amount of glandular tissue helps prevent crater deformities. But wouldn't that small amount of... READ MORE

Can I do gyno surgery without skin excision? (photos)

I am 27, 5'10 and around 75-80kg (was over 100kg a year ago). I am not too comfortable with the scarring and complications that can arise with the... READ MORE

What are my chances of facing a complication like necrosis of the nipple for a revision gynecomastia gland excision only?

There is residual breast tissue in one nipple and my surgeon said blood supply can be compromised and it can be a littlw more risky than the first... READ MORE

Is this a normal complication after hematoma removal (post gynecomastia surgery)? (Photo)

I recently (23 days ago) had unilateral gynecomastia surgery. A hematoma developed and then was removed through cutting open the original incision and... READ MORE

Scarring after gynecomastia surgery complication. Any helpful advice towards making it better would be appreciated? (photo)

During the surgery the left side had a lot of bleeding due to a damaged blood vessel. Realized it only when I came back home and then had to be rushed... READ MORE

How long before the scar tissue goes away? (Photo)

I had gynecomastia surgery march 30th and received a hematoma the 3rd week (seelast post). my surgeon didn't think it was necessary to drain it. My... READ MORE

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