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Difference Between Breast Tissue and Fat Cells?

Lets consider a case of male with gynocamestia. I know you are only born with certain number of fat cells and if you liposuction them all, they are... READ MORE

Fat Growth After Male Mastectomy?

After bilateral mastectomy done by a general surgeon I developed seromas, the surgeon never had me do any compression after the surgery. After 3 weeks... READ MORE

Pure breast tissue gynecomastia, or just fat? Are there any non-surgical solutions to my problem? (Photo)

I was very overweight throughout elementary school and up until high school. In eighth grade, however, I wanted to lose weight, and underwent a crash... READ MORE

Gyno surgery covered by OHIP?

Many of the surgeons I've chatted with in the GTA say that they have adopted this more advanced technology called "bodytite" or "smartlipo" which is... READ MORE

8 days post-op gynecomastia, my chest still looks like it has fat from the side. Did the doctor remove enough fat? (photos)

Hi, I have had a Gynecomastia procedure done about 8 days ago. My chest looks perfect I cant ask for anything better, although I think that the doctor... READ MORE

Hard breast tissue and puffy nipple still after gynecomastia surgery with top surgeon. Not normal? Ask for revision? (Photo)

I am nervous about my post surgery results (3 weeks post op). I still have droopy puffy nipples and there is barely a noticeable difference from... READ MORE

Looking for advice on gynecomastia surgery. Just get tissue removed & see how the skin bounces back or have skin removed?(photo)

I have been heavy set since 10 - bad nutrition despite being active in sports. Developed gynecomastia on top of being chubby in general. Never... READ MORE

How do i get rid of Gynocomastia? (photos)

As well as being obese i have gynecomastia and am very self concious about it. And i am losing weight now. However my breast tissue wont go away. What... READ MORE

I had gynecomastia surgery and it did not correct my puffy nipples. Is there anything else I can do?

Dr. Said he left alittle breast tissue under nipple for fear the nipple could concave and look horrible, but I can't even wear shirts that fit my... READ MORE

Is this doctor's technique okay for gynecomastia surgery?

Please click the following youtube link. i like how he is avid with removing all the breast tissue because i still hate the idea of being a man and... READ MORE

Can breast tissue gynecomastia always visible under ultrasound? Do I have gynecomastia? (photos)

I have a mild case of gynecomastia, my nipples are puffy, and i can feel the lumps, i used to have a very low body fat and i could still feel and see... READ MORE

It's been 1 month 2 weeks since I got my gynecomastia surgery and glandular tissue removal. My chest is still not flat? (Photos)

It’s been 1 month 2 weeks since I got my gynecomastia surgery and glandular tissue removal. My check is still not flat. Doctor has ruled out the e... READ MORE

Would gynecomastia that appeared out of a sudden diminish over time, or is surgery needed?

One year ago, I started take Creatine supplement. 5 Months later, I developed a breast tissue (most probably glandular, not fatty) for my weight was... READ MORE

I got gynecomastia surgery almost 3 weeks ago. One breast is very swollen with no nipple, is this normal? (photos)

I had had ultrasonic liposuction of breast tissue and gland. The Dr said he didn't need to do an incision to take out the gland because it was soft... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove all breast tissue?

I've had a consultation for my gynecomastia today and they said that they would remove all of the breats tissue. They said that the risk of a "crater"... READ MORE

Can I reduce Gynecomastia with exercise? Is this even true Gynecomastia? (photos)

I have had moobs since I can remember. In recent years, I have steadily lost weight and I'm 20 lbs from my goal of 175. Current stats: 6ft, 195 lbs,... READ MORE

Is this more breast tissue left or its just swollen? Or maybe a bad lipo plus gland removal? (photos)

Hey, ive had gyno surgery about 4 weeks ago and im concern about the final result, my chest pretty much still look the same as before.. my surgon told... READ MORE

Will an ultrasound give me a definite answer if I have breast tissue growth, scar tissue or swelling? (Photo)

I had a gynecomastia operation in September just gland tissue removal , initial results were great but then I had a hematoma and then a seroma.... READ MORE

4 Weeks Gynecomastia Post Op - Still have breasts. How do I know if there's still breast tissue in there or not?

I had gynecomastia surgery 4 weeks ago and I notice my breasts still point outwards, I feel hard masses on my chest, will these every go down? Also... READ MORE

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