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Male Breast Reduction Pill

What Treatments Are Available for Gynecomastia? I know Gynecomastia surgery is the option for reducing male breast. But i have read about Gynexin... READ MORE

Male Breast Reduction Exercise

My chest is growing, not from bench pressing! Hoping one of the doctors can answer whether male breast enlargement is reversible or is plastic surgery... READ MORE

How Can I Improve the Look of my Chest (male)? (photo)

I don't really like the shape of my chest, there is little muscle, and little fat. I got checked the for Gynecomastia and I don't have it. In there... READ MORE

How to Reduce Man Breast Naturally?

I have man breast and with my body weight its size are also increasing. So i wanted to know how i can reduce this naturally. Will consulting any... READ MORE

Alternative Approach to Correcting Male Gynecomastia Deformities?

I would really appreciate any advice anybody could offer. Last year I received gynecomastia surgery. The results are not sightly and I'm looking... READ MORE

How can I get Gynexin in Bangladesh which reduces Gynecomastia?

Dear doctor, how can I get Gynexin in Bangladesh which reduces Gynecomastia? Have there any alternative medicine of Gynexin? I suffering from it from... READ MORE

What are my options to get rid of gynecomastia? I can't afford a 4 thousand dollar surgery (Photo)

I'm almost under weight and have a very small frame but no matter how much I work out or what kind of diet I try, I still have these painful lumps... READ MORE

Is breast reduction surgery the only solution? (Photo)

I uploaded these photos only to ask whether surgery is the only solution because I tried all the possible solutions except surgery so guide me plz READ MORE

I have lost around 50lbs and my body fat is now below 10%, but it has left me considering gynecomastia. Would exercise help?

People I have spoken to have said that it would be possible to do weight lifting to increase the size of the pectoral muscles and this would result in... READ MORE

Gynecomastia surgery; if results aren't as desired, is it possible to have another surgery?

I recently had gynecomastia surgery, gland removal only. A bit of gland was left behind. If my final results aren't as desired would it be possibly to... READ MORE

Gynecomastia crater - correction alternatives?

I had gynecomastia surgery a couple of years ago and I was left with a crater. I've read that a lot of doctors recommend own fat injections. I wonder... READ MORE

Steri Strip allergy: cavilon no sting barrier film save to use on fresh scar? Or other alternatives to prevent scar widening?

Had areola scar revision from prior gynecomastia surgery.Yesterday (4 weeks post op)i had to remove the steri strip because i got a weeping spot where... READ MORE

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