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Male Puffy Nipples -- Fix Without Full Gyno Surgery?

Hello I am a rather lean 32 year old male with puffy nipples. I would say I have Type 1 Gynocomastia. I was wondering if its possible to have my... READ MORE

Cost of Gynecomastia surgery in Toronto?

Hi, I am 26 year old guy.Non alcoholic,Non smoker,non drug addicted guy. I am suffering with Gynecomastia. I would like to know the best surgeon and... READ MORE

Male Body Builder Chest Fat

Not sure if I have gyno and I've never taken steroids but I've got a well trained chest. My chest does have some fat puffiness and I look alot like... READ MORE

Should I Go Back to the Same Gynecomastia Surgeon for the 2nd Time?

Hi- Ok I had the surgery about 2 years ago im 30 now.. I was not happy with he results. Its back just as much as before.. I have not taken any... READ MORE

Why my Gynecomastia Looks More Obvious After Masturbation or Marely Even Sexual Excitment?

My gynecomastia looks like its pure, and its been 10 years now, it hasn't gone.i m 28 years old. and whenever i feel sexually excited i get this... READ MORE

My nipple area gets soft during heat and shrinks when in cold. Do I have Gynecomastia? (photo)

My heaviest weight was during my teens at 217 lbs and I went down to 135lbs in a few months. Since then I've maintained a weight of 150-160lbs. I'm 32... READ MORE

Solution for Male Breast Reduction After Bariatric Surgery?

I am a 26 yr old male. After bariatric surgery, I have sagging breasts. I do 100 push-ups but It does not help. What is the answer and cost? I had... READ MORE

Will Gynecomastia Come Back After Surgery by Use of Steroids (Again)?

I recently under went gynecomastia surgery. i had it for almost 2 years due to steroids use. im 29 years old. 5'7 and 145lbs. I was wondering if ever... READ MORE

Post Gynecomastia Surgery: Can an Asymmetrical Chest Improve by Itself?

I'm 26 years old I had gynecomastia from long time and it's bilatral I did gynecomastia surgery from 5 week ago but after the surgery my chest... READ MORE

Excess Skin on Pectoral and Abdominal Area After Weight Loss? (photo)

I am 26 years old 6'0 feet tall. I've recently lost 120lbs going from 318lbs to 198lbs in 22 months. I dropped 101 in less than a year and the final... READ MORE

I have gynecomastia and my penis & testicles are very small. Could it be genetic?

Hello, I am turned 28 recently.I used to cycle everyday for about 15km when i was at 20. I feel this might be the problem for my penis & testicles... READ MORE

What is the appropriate treatment for Grade II Gynecomastia? (photos)

Hello Hello. I am 28. i have a grade II gynecomastia. The surgeons i saw said that the glandular component is rudimentary. The last Surgeon said that... READ MORE

Can elevated prolactin levels cause or make gynecomastia worse, even though all other hormone tests are normal?

I'm 30 years old. Had gyno since 11. I have a soft tissue gland in my left pec. In 2009 my gyno got more prominent and last year it seemed to get even... READ MORE

Do I have a gynacomastia or man boobs? (photos)

I've heavy upper body. Fat around chest seems to be more specially near nipples. i go to gym and can feel the chest muscle inside harder than this fat... READ MORE

Loose Skin or Chest Fat, which is it? What procedure should I have to fix it? (photo)

From 18-30 I been active and ate well. never over-weight concentrating now on builidng muscle mass. diet is great size is coming. chest although top... READ MORE

What Would Be Effective in my Puffy Breasts? (photo)

I am a man of 30 years and would like to be helped. I have these puffy breasts since my childhood and feel that they are growing over the years. I... READ MORE

Will infrequent alcohol consumption cause gynecomastia to return?

I'm 28 years old and suffered from gynecomastia since puberty. I had surgery a few weeks ago (results are amazing!) Now that I am finally happy and... READ MORE

Do I have chest fat or man boobs? What should I do to get rid of this condition? (Photo)

I am a 25 year old male with BMI 22.09. Do I have chest fat or man boobs? Pics are attached. Please tell me the things I need to do in terms of... READ MORE

Is it gyno or pseudo gyno? (photo)

I am 27 years old 6ft height my weight is 170 lbs, my question is .. is it gyno or pseudo gyno and can i cure it by reducing fat from all over body?... READ MORE

Male Breast Reduction with or Without Lipo on Abdomen to Improve Chest Appearance?

25 male, lost almost 70 lbs over past 10 years with diet/exercise. I'm pretty fit, but don't like the way my upper body looks. I recently visited a... READ MORE

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