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Scars Around Nipple After Gynecomastia. Options For Scar Removal? (photo)

Hello Doctor, i had done Gynecomastia operation 7 months before.After post operation i have found scars around my nipple. Will u tell me how would... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty/Gynecomastia 6-7 Months Post-op, Unhappy WIth Results. Can I Get A Revision? (photo)

Due to weight loss I had Abdominoplasty/Gynecomastia surgery back in May 2011 from board certified doctor.Before surgery my doctor said he would make... READ MORE

6.5 months post op Gynecomastia surgery, I had indentation after steroid injection. Will it resolve themselves? (photo)

I had gyne surgery 6.5 months ago with a top gyne surgeon. I developed hypertrophic scars. I received steroid injections my doctor said he was... READ MORE

Is this a normal looking chest 7 months after gyno surgery? (photos)

7 months ago I got a bilateral gyno surgery. It was pretty large on the left side, noticeable on the right. I'm pleased with the result on the right,... READ MORE

7 months post gynecomastia reduction. Left chest looks awkward when I flex. Loose skin? (Photo)

So I am 19 years old. 7 months ago I got beast reduction surgery and my right chest turned out fine but my left chest unfortunately didn't. My... READ MORE

Folded/creased nipple post-op. Reason for concern? (Photo)

Hi Docs, I'm about seven months post-op, and I've noticed irregularities with my left nipple. Is this just a part of the healing process, or is it... READ MORE

Will loose skin on chest tighten after gynecomastia surgery that was 7 months ago without surgery? (Photo)

Hi so it has been about 7 months since I have had gyno surgery. My right chest turned out great but unfortunately my left chest ended up with loose... READ MORE

Gynecomastia 7 months post op scar tissue problem.

Hi everyone. In mid February 2016 I had gynecomastia surgery (liposuction on left side, and liposuction and incision on right side) and now nearly 7... READ MORE

Normal to be sore 7 months after gyno surgery?

Recently I have been sore/tender and it looks like I have grown scar tissue in the past month. It still feels a bit tight when I put my arms above my... READ MORE

I had gynecomastia surgery 7 months ago and have indents in my right pec. (photo)

Also, it appears a ring if fat was left accentuating the indent more. Is there any way to resolve these issues without revision? Would massage help? READ MORE

Gynecomastia surgery left a tunneling appearance and skin discoloration? (Photos)

7 months post-op and am concerned about the lipo result. when arm raised, a few tunnels are visible. when arm down, a patch of skin discoloration is... READ MORE

Gynecomastia 7 months after surgery (Photos)

I have minor gyncomastia , 7 monthes ago i done the surgery only lipo. right after the surgery my chest looks pretty good, and my left side better... READ MORE

Help! Scar tissue under areola. Revision needed

Hoping someone can help me.. i had gyno surgery about 7 months ago in arizon where im located.. my areolas are big again and it looks like i have... READ MORE

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