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Is There a Certain Weight That You Have to Be in Order to Have Gynecomastia Surgery?

I am 5"8 - 5"9 and weigh about 232 would I have to lose more weight in order to have the surgery? READ MORE

What is the best option for getting rid of my Gynecomastia? (Photo)

I'm 30 yrs old 5'9 and around 240 lbs. I know I'm overweight and need to lose weight, but even when I was down to my lowest I still had a bit of gyne,... READ MORE

What would be the best procedure to flatten my chest and reduce the size of my nipples? (Photo)

I've seen one professional and been told I have gynecomastia and excess fatty cells. I'm 6'0", 245lbs. and my goal weight is 200 pounds. Even when I... READ MORE

Can I have a Fleur De Lis Body Lift and a Gynecomastia together? (Photos)

I am 41 years old. I am healthy with no medical history. I have lost 350 lbs since 2009 and maintained. I am 6'4 and weigh 234 I would like to remove... READ MORE

Weight loss before Gynecomastia correction? Over 100 lbs lost, but does the last 50 really matter? (Photo)

I'm a 25YO 6'3" male. I have been as high as 333 lbs but am currently at 230 and have been holding steady for about 8 months. I really want to have it... READ MORE

I'm 4 years post gynocemastia surgery. I am not happy with my result or my body. What do I do?

I workout 5 times a week, follow a strict grilled meats/complex carbs diet and eat fruits and vegetables regularly. The workout I follow is a... READ MORE

Very large breasts with skin under the sides of my chest, looking for the best outcome. What's your opinion? (photos)

My starting weight in 2009 was 587. I now weigh 234. I was wearing 72" pants and now wear 40" I need to know if I should look at a lower body lift... READ MORE

How much would it cost to reduce the size of my breasts and reduce the size of the areola? (Photos)

I have been morbidely obese in the past (pushing 330 lbs). I am 6'2 and still have a lot of fat, but I am working hard at the gym (down to 248). The... READ MORE

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