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Is Massage Recommended For Lumpy Feeling After Gynecomastia Surgery?

Hello, I had lipo/gland excision done to correct gynecomastia 2 weeks ago and things seem to be progressing nicely. I have some hard lumps underneath... READ MORE

Swollen Breasts After Gynecomastia Surgery? (photo)

Well i got surgery just 2 weeks ago and i feel like my breasts are still big, if anything bigger. i just want to know how much my breasts will come... READ MORE

Massive Scarring After Gynecomastia Surgery, What Can I Do?

Hello.around 2 weeks ago i had gynecomastia surgery in the uk, it was done under the national health service.before the surgery the surgoen marked me... READ MORE

How To Improve Recovery of Gynecomastia 2 Weeks Post Op?

I had surgery 2weeks ago and still there is a lot of bruising (discoloration) and some lose skin around the aerola. can a massage be done to make the... READ MORE

Puffy nipple and fluid build up after gynecomastia surgery. How long will the fluid be there? What are some warning signs?

I had gynecomastia surgery 12 days ago and one side of my chest is very bruised, swollen and contains some fluid (blood). I had lipo plus breast... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Post Surgery Question. Can Massaging Ruin My Results?

I recently had gynecomastia surgery and i misread the doctors post-op instructions. I was in pain so I rubbed underneath the nipple on the hard areas... READ MORE

What is this weird pain after gynecomastia surgery?

I had gynecomastia surgery about two weeks ago with gland removed and a little bit of lipo but not much. however i had no pain after the surgery.... READ MORE

Is massaging with Bio Oil beneficial for scar tissues / lumps developed in chest due to gynecomastia surgery ?

I had gone through gynecomastia surgery (gland removal + liposuction) 11 days ago. Now after 11 days I can feel hard lumps almost everywhere around my... READ MORE

Will I get dead nipple from smoking after gynecomastia surgery?

I had the surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago. My doc said dont smoke for at least 3 weeks. I messed up and had one cigarette after 2 weeks and 4 days. what... READ MORE

Do I Need Additional Surgery in Your Opinion Doctors? (Already Have One Gynecomastia Surgery) (photo)

Hi all, with big respect to all doctors here!I had gyno surgery on both sides of my breast 15 days ago, so now i`am wearing special compression... READ MORE

Is There Swelling Behind the Nipple Post Gyncomastia Surgery That I Cant See? (photo)

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon who has been doing breast surgeries for over 31 years. I had very minor gynocomastia and decided to have... READ MORE

What are the folds of skin under the nipple? Will they eventually flatten out?

This is 2 weeks post op.I had gland excision and liposuction done.I am aware that it takes a minimum of 6 months to really heal up and make an... READ MORE

I'm 2 Weeks and 1 Day Post Op Now After Gynecomastia Surgery?

It is normal the outside of my areola is hard and some soft? READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Abdominoplasty and Male Breast Reduction: Can I Take an Occasional Hit of Cannabis?

I know the risks of smoking and using any sort of tobacco or nicotine product and have no plans to touch anything of that sort. I suffer from chronic... READ MORE

Left Nipple and Surrounding Looks Depressed and Black After Surgery? (photo)

It's been 14days post surgery. While right nipple seems to be getting normal, the left one looks depressed and I'm afraid doctor took out more fat and... READ MORE

Post Gynecosmatia? (photo)

I had Surgery 12 days ago. The doctor insists its swelling but from my before op photo I have seen no changes. NONE. He said he had did just lipo. I... READ MORE

Worried about hard tissue that has formed, sticking out, 2 wks post gyno surgery, tissue is hard as a rock, top of chest?(photo)

Had surgery done by very experienced surgeon who i'll see next week. I have a hard lump like a bottle cap on a site where serum was extracted one day... READ MORE

Had a Small Amount of the Gland Removed from Behind the Nipple, It Has Left my Right Nipple Sagging Will It Heal Ok? (photo)

My right nipple is sagging it is still swollen surgery was two weeks ago. The right was the puffier of the two and it looks haggard now is this a... READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Gyno surgery, my right nipple is little soft and saggy. Will it become normal after a period of time? (photo)

These picture are after 2 and half week of gyno surgery. Around rigth nipple skin is little soft and saggy will it become normal after a period of... READ MORE

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