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Macrolane Breast Filler Vs. Breast Implant for Long-term Safety

Am about to get marry, and am not really happy about my breast and am thinking either i do breast implant or macrolane filler, i understand that... READ MORE

When Will Macrolane Be Available in the US?

Does anyone know if/when Macrolane will be available for breast enlargement in the US? READ MORE

What is Macrolane?

I've heard that injections are supposed to be a non surgical alternative to breast implants.  Is this true?  Does it really work? READ MORE

US Doctors Skilled or Training for Macrolane Breast Injections?

Are there any doctors skilled or being trained to perform Macrolane breast injections in the USA right now? Any info at all will be helpful? Thanks! READ MORE

Macrolane Vs Calf Implants

Which is better between Macrolane or calf implants? I am aware that Macrolane is safer, but it does not last and I'm thinking if it shifts. What... READ MORE

Is Macrolane a Viable Alternative to Moderate Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I visited a web site that a doctor shows breast enhancement w/out surgery. He says 'Macrolane is the first hyaluronic acid product developed to... READ MORE

Can Macrolane Be Injected into the Face?

I have asked for different opinions. Some said Sculptra would be an alternative for fat transfer while some said Sculptra does not work well on them.... READ MORE

Increase Breast Cup Size Possible with Macrolane?

Is it possible for someone to be flat-chested to increase breast size to at least a B cup by using Macrolane? READ MORE

Macrolane Breast Injections, Can I Prevent Lumps and Encapsulation with Massage?

Can I prevent lumps and encapsulation with massage?will it help to soften macrolane and distribute it equally?I am having the injections in some days READ MORE

Can Macrolane be a Solution for Post-liposuction Bumps and Indents?

Can Macrolane be a Solution for Post-liposuction Bumps and Indents? READ MORE

Cost of Macrolane?

What is the price for Macrolane injections? READ MORE

What's the Safe Maximum Dose of Macrolane?

I'm 23 yrs. old. I had bad liposuction results on the thighs area. I don't want to have liposhifting or liposculpture. Please help me. READ MORE

Doctors in Michigan Who Perform Marcrolane Injections?

The injections that swell your butt or breast area without surgey READ MORE

How Safe is Macrolane for an Unborn Fetus?

As Macrolane is absorbed into the body over time, how safe is it for an unborn fetus? READ MORE

Can You Get Macrolane Injections in Your Breasts if You Have Breast Implants?

I have breast implants but after 5 years they have settled or I am just used to them and they are not as big as I want them. So will the injections... READ MORE

Macrolane for Indented Scars?

Can Macrolane improve the appearance of an indented scar about 12 cm long (indented part is maybe 5 cm long)? I have it on my abdomen near... READ MORE

I live in Europe. Is it safe to use macrolane for butt augmentation? Why hasn't the FDA approved it in the US?

I live in europe and wanted to make a BBL but all the doctors said me i was too thin so i made butt implants, but the result is too small so the... READ MORE

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