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Does Palomar Laser Work Well on Acne Scars?

Palomar lux 1540 non-ablative laser treatment has a 24-48 hrs downtime. Do you think it is a good choice for treating acne scars  such as ice... READ MORE

Lux 1540 FDA Approved for Stretch Marks?

I recently read a news article titled "A promising new treatment for stretch marks," featuring the Starlux device. I know they can never be... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Prepare for Palomar Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing?

I'm scheduled in three weeks to treat my under-eye wrinkles and would like to know what to expect during the procedure. My doctor tells me that I... READ MORE

How Many Star Lux Treatments is Required to Repair Superficial Acne Scar?

How many treatments of Star Lux 1540 for a small acne scar on my forehead? I have a very superficial acne scar on my forehead and I am going to use... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Lux 1540 Fractional Laser and Palomar IPL Laser for Acne Scars?

I've done my first treatment with the palomar fractional laser IPL on my acne scars, and I would like to know if there is any difference between... READ MORE

Is the Palomar Lux 1540 an Effective Treatment for Stretch Marks?

The Lux1540 recently received FDA approval for the treatment of stretch marks. How effective is it and how does it compare to other available stretch... READ MORE

Avoiding Side Effects from Lux 1540 Treatment?

I know about physical sun block use, but what else can I do to avoid complications and side effects to get the best results from Palomar Lux1540... READ MORE

Differences Between Palomar Lux Lasers?

What is the difference between the Palomar Lux 2940, Lux 1540,and the Lux 1440? I have mild acne scarring and discoloration on my cheeks, forehead,... READ MORE

Starlux Palomar 1540 Treatment Levels

How many passes and at what levels at each treatment can I expect from the 1540 Starlux Palomar? READ MORE

How Long Can I Space Lux1540 (or Other Laser) Treatments for Striae?

How long can I space Lux1540(or other laser) treatments for striae so that remains effective? I can't afford the treatment month to month but I... READ MORE

At What Age is It Safe to Use Fraxel/ Lux 1540 Lasers for Skin Resurfacing?

I'm 20 and would like to know if I should get it. I'm pretty done with having acne and now left with scars :-( want to get rid of large pores, pitted/... READ MORE

Lux 1540: Is There Any Downtime?

Should I expect any downtime after a laser treatment with the Lux 1540? READ MORE

Can Fractional Laser Lux1540 work as spot treatment?

I mean only do on T zone. Will it cause skin's colour different with untreated area???? READ MORE

Cost of a Lux 1540 Laser Treatment?

Is the price determined by depth or length of treatment? READ MORE

Dermaroller Vs Fraxel/Lux 1540 Fractional Lasers

How is dermaroller compared to Fraxel restore and Lux1540 fractional lasers. Used for acne scarring you need 4 to 5 treatments of Fraxel/Lux1540,... READ MORE

Lux 1540 Treatments in Montreal, Quebec ?

Does anybody know of a good dermatologist who offers stretch mark treatments with the Lux 1540 fractional laser in Montreal Quebec? READ MORE

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