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Are Lumineers the Best Dental Veneers?

I researching for veneers that improve my smile (chip teeth, gaps, yellowing, the works!). i read that many dentist offer a veneer called Lumnieers.... READ MORE

Do Dental Veneers Like Lumineers Promote Tooth Decay?

How do you deal with tooth decay when you have veneers?  Wouldn't having veneers on top of your real teeth make decay more likely because food... READ MORE

Can Porcelain Lumineers Be Placed over Existing Porcelain Crowns?

I already got porcelain crowns done 3 months ago,i dont really like the shade i was wondering can i have porcelain lumineers placed over my existing... READ MORE

Lumineers Before and After Photos

I'm considering getting Lumineers. What should I be looking for in Lumineers before and after pictures? Should I be able to see the edges of the teeth... READ MORE

When Would a Patient Choose Bonding over Lumineers?

Are there any situations that still warrant bonding instead of lumineers? READ MORE

Can my two front teeth made bigger with bonding or do I have to get veneers to lengthen them?

I have bonding on my two front teeth, they look dull and darker. I'm happy with the rest of my teeth, except for the two front ones because of the... READ MORE

Are Lumineers Covered by Most Insurance?

Will my dental insurance cover my Lumineers if I am recovering from bulimia? This is the only question I have. Please I need an answer. READ MORE

Lumineers Cost Per Tooth

I'm considering getting Lumineers, but just on one or two teeth. What do they cost per tooth usually? READ MORE

Lumineers for Small Tooth Gap and Whitening?

I have straight teeth with a small gap right in the middle upper two teeth and I am looking for 1.long term whitening 2.nice look. What do you recommend? READ MORE

Will Lumineers Help with Teeth Sensitivity?

My 20-year-old daughter has an inherited mal-enamel condition, worsened by wearing Braces as a young teen. Her teeth are sensitive, take on the color... READ MORE

Questions to Ask Before Getting Lumineers

What questions should I ask my dentist before I get Lumineers? READ MORE

Lumineers Problems

I'm having problems with my Lumineers. I don't like the way they look. Who should I talk to? What can I do?   READ MORE

Can Lumineers Widen a Smile?

When I smile not many teeth show especially on the sides -- I have a narrow arch, and hope lumineers might widen my smile. READ MORE

Lumineers After Invisalign?

I wanted to get Lumineers to close a gap in the front of my teeth. The Dentist suggested I get Invisalign because when closing a gap, the teeth don't... READ MORE

Can Lumineers Be Customized?

If you have Lumineers put on and they are too thick, can they be shaved down? I have seen Lumineers that are thick when applied, can the dentist... READ MORE

What Color or Condition Should Teeth Be In For Good Results with Lumineers?

If teeth are a bit dark and yellow before lumineers are put on, will the dentist recommend teeth whitening beforehand?  READ MORE

How Much Decay Does It Take to be Considered a Bad Candidate for Lumineers?

Is it true that one of the main disadvantages is that candidates for the veneers must be in good dental health before the procedure? (http://www... READ MORE

How often do patients Feel as if their Teeth Are Thicker after Lumineers?

How often is this just a factor of getting used to them? Do most people get used to the feeling of lumineers in a week or so? READ MORE

Ultra Thin Lumineers

Are Lumineers really "ultra thin"? And does that make them more comfortable? Or more prone to cracks, stains, etc.? READ MORE

Lumineers for Teeth Whitening?

As I've gotten older, my teeth have gotten a little yellow. Are Lumineers good for teeth whitening? Would I have to re-bleach them every few years... READ MORE

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