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How Successful is a Lumineer and Teeth Whitening Combination?

How often do patients have satisfactory results when they use lumineers and whiten the remainder of their existing teeth?  READ MORE

Would Lumineers for a buck tooth smile affect Speech?

How often do patients experience speech difficulties when lumineers are used for de-emphasizing buck teeth?   READ MORE

How Are Lumineers a Minimally Invasive Option to Other Veneers?

Do lumineers retain more of the tooth structure and take less time to apply (or remove) than other cosmetic options for improving a smile?  READ MORE

Lumineers over Dental Crowns?

How are Lumineers used to give a "straight teeth" looking smile over dental crowns? READ MORE

Issues getting Lumineers applied, the doctor says my teeth are "already too nice"? (Photo)

I had a consult with a dentist who was hesitant about moving forward with a Lumineer procedure, citing that I "already have pretty teeth", and... READ MORE

Lumineers to lengthen teeth for a bigger smile?

My top teeth barely show when I smile. I was recommended a jaw surgery to bring down the maxillary bone but I feel its too drastic a step since I'm... READ MORE

I would like to know if it is possible to remove my Lumineers and restore my smile with minimal to no damage to my teeth?

At 26-years-old I put Lumineers on my upper six front teeth. Luckily, my dentist knew the technique since I’ve never had any (medical) issues with m... READ MORE

Should I get veneers or lumineers or just bonding and contouring? (photos)

I am not happy with the shape of my teeth and wish to improve my smile. Please see pictures I'm just not sure what would be the best option veneers or... READ MORE

Lumineers rs or veneers? (Photo)

I like my smile but it can be better. I love the shape of my teeth but I hate that they are small. Any recommendations? READ MORE

I have two frontal emax crowns and lumineers on natural ones. Can I get natural looking smile?

I have two front e-max crowns, however it looks weired as they still do not match with the natural teeth atound due to the color & gap betwen crowns &... READ MORE

What can I do to make my smile wider? My teeth are small and my smile does not stand out. Any ideas? (Photo)

I have been looking into lumineers but have heart horrible reviews (for the most part). I also heard veneers are better but I don't want any damage to... READ MORE

I am interested in lumineers. Costs.

 I know it's a case by case for pricing but I would like to know how much it cost? I have beautiful teeth and want lumineers only on the teeth... READ MORE

Can Lumineers help my smile with gaps in mouth?

I have a tooth in my gum that is rather short, also I have gaps where teeth once we're. Will Lumineers help me? READ MORE

In Dubai a very good dental clinic is charging me $900 per Lumineer, is this reasonable?

The doctor explained to me they are made out of the best durable material, and once you choose your smile with the mock up, they send it back to their... READ MORE

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