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Veneer or Lumineer on One Tooth?

Hi Doctors. I have had a huger white mark on my upper front tooth since a a kid. i've read that it was some calcium shortage due to sickness while... READ MORE

When would the results of Lumineers be better than Braces for teens??

(http://www.wgntv.com/news/medicalwatch/wgntv-lumineer-pkg-sept17,0,1008742.story) It seems that most dentists would recommend that teens use the... READ MORE

Lumineers over Dental Crowns?

How are Lumineers used to give a "straight teeth" looking smile over dental crowns? READ MORE

Why Are Some Mouths with Missing Teeth Not a Good Candidate for Lumineers?

Are lumineers not a good option for someone who has two side-by-side teeth missing? READ MORE

Lumineers for Front Lower Teeth That Have Erosion?

Front lower teeth have erosion at the gum and on the sides. Crowns are not advised. With Lumineers a lesser amount of tooth filing may be necessary to... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Make Lumineers Look More Realistic? I Recently Got Some and Hate Them. I Want my Old Teeth Back.

Is There Any Way to Make Lumineers Look More Realistic? I Recently Got Some and Hate Them. I Want my Old Teeth Back. READ MORE

Where can I go for affordable Lumineers or are all the prices the same? (Photo)

I'm looking to get lumineers but I want to go somewhere that is affordable, I went to a place and they wanted to charge me 1100 per tooth! And they... READ MORE

Can you lighten lumineers without having to replace them?

I have lumineers, or they were called "bonding" when I got them put on years ago. when I got them put on I was not informed that they will stain... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Lumineers? Is bonding + shaping + whitening a better option? Veneers are out of the question. (Photo)

My teeth are very straight but I dont like their 'round' shape in the middle- and my canines look like the Rocky Mts. lol and have subsequently... READ MORE

Extreme continuous pain after lumineers, I'm depressed and unable to function without painkillers. Could it be due to whitening?

I had lumineers done on 10 upper teeth 18 days ago and I have been in severe pain. The doctor says it's normal and due to increased sensitivity... READ MORE

Veneers or Invisalign? Crowded teeth. (photos)

I have crowded teeth that are also at an inward slant. I also find my teeth a bit too small and I am not happy with their colour. What would be the... READ MORE

Can I get Lumineers instead of veneers? (Photo)

My dentist told me to get braces to correct my overbite and 4 veneers to close my gaps. He didn't tell me that veneers weren't reversabile. after... READ MORE

Should I get lumineers, veeners, or is traditional braces my only option? (Photo)

I want my teeth straightened to improve my confidence also what about 6 month smiles is it legit thank you to whoever responds. I have a bit of... READ MORE

Lumineers to lengthen teeth for a bigger smile?

My top teeth barely show when I smile. I was recommended a jaw surgery to bring down the maxillary bone but I feel its too drastic a step since I'm... READ MORE

Lumineers glue at home?

Can i use anytype of lumineers glue at home? One of my tooth keeps falling! And i have to travel to LONDON next week. I'm afraid that it will fall... READ MORE

Lumineers just for tooth whitening?

I have always wanted a white smile but any whitening products give me painful "zingers" and terrible sensitivity so I have not been able to finish any... READ MORE

Lumineers in Colombia vs. Lumineers in America?

Hi I am planning a trip to Columbia next month to have my teeth done. I got a quote for 1200 to do top and bottom, in two sessions. Even though the... READ MORE

Lumineers after braces? (Photo)

About 3-4 years ago, I had an overbite 0.8 mm and a crooked front tooth, I went to a dentist and he pulled out two teeth. I had braces for about 3... READ MORE

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