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8 Lumineers Applied to my Top Teeth. They Are Too Long and Too Thick, Help!

I just had 8 Lumineers applied to my top teeth. I had a gap between my front two teeth, which was getting worse with age. The were also discolored due... READ MORE

Lumineers for Small Tooth Gap and Whitening?

I have straight teeth with a small gap right in the middle upper two teeth and I am looking for 1.long term whitening 2.nice look. What do you recommend? READ MORE

Lumineers After Invisalign?

I wanted to get Lumineers to close a gap in the front of my teeth. The Dentist suggested I get Invisalign because when closing a gap, the teeth don't... READ MORE

How Often Would Lumineers Be Recommended over braces for Tooth Gap and a Slight Overbite?

Does a slight overbite always need correcting wit braces? What long-term problems might one have if it is not corrected? READ MORE

I want my gap gone: What's better, bonding or veneers or maybe lumineers? (Photos)

Not interested in Invisalign or braces. Thank you I'm too old for that. READ MORE

Is it bad to have a gap between bridge and gum?

I have a porcelain lumineer bridge. I am missing a tooth so the bridge is only placed on my gums (no tooth underneath) and the bridge is connected to... READ MORE

Should I replace Veneer with Lumineer? My teeth have been ground down, but I don't want them ground down any more.

I had a gap in front teeth which I got corrected using 2 porcelain veneers. But the veneers appear very bulky and protrude out. My teeth were... READ MORE

Is bonding better for young healthy teeth, or should you get lumineers straight away? (photo)

What would you recommend for my teeth? I am looking at getting my teeth bonded to cover up the spaces in between my teeth, because its cheaper. I... READ MORE

Lumineers vs bonding?

I'm 16 and I have gaps between my teeth. I've been to an orthodontist when I was 11 and he told me the gaps will soon be closed after I change my K9s.... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for lumineers or porcelain veneers? I don't want braces or Invisalign due to time constraints (Photo)

My class reunion coming up at the end of May. I'm really self-conscious about my smile & have even contemplated not going because of it. My top left... READ MORE

Veneer or lumineer? One tooth is bigger than the others (Photo)

I have one tooth that is bigger than the other one. It is longer. There's a little gap in the middle and I would like to let you guys know that... READ MORE

Can I get Lumineers instead of veneers? (Photo)

My dentist told me to get braces to correct my overbite and 4 veneers to close my gaps. He didn't tell me that veneers weren't reversabile. after... READ MORE

How should I fix these 2 teeth?

I have two teeth on my upper left front with a noticeable gap in between and they are both slanted funny. One dentist says that I should get... READ MORE

I would like to know if it is possible to remove my Lumineers and restore my smile with minimal to no damage to my teeth?

At 26-years-old I put Lumineers on my upper six front teeth. Luckily, my dentist knew the technique since I’ve never had any (medical) issues with m... READ MORE

I have two frontal emax crowns and lumineers on natural ones. Can I get natural looking smile?

I have two front e-max crowns, however it looks weired as they still do not match with the natural teeth atound due to the color & gap betwen crowns &... READ MORE

Lumineers and gum recession, do I lose all the money I invested in lumineers?

Hi There, I was about to start the Lumineers treatment next week but my family dentist told me that with my normal gum recession I might have to redo... READ MORE

Lumineers after braces? (Photo)

About 3-4 years ago, I had an overbite 0.8 mm and a crooked front tooth, I went to a dentist and he pulled out two teeth. I had braces for about 3... READ MORE

Serrated strips created gaps between my natural teeth?

I had a problem with my lumineers that I couldn't floss between them. I went to my dentist and he used a dental serrated strip and removed the extra... READ MORE

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