Front Teeth + Lumineers

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Lumineers the Best Way to Fix Mismatched Front Teeth?

After braces, I had one tooth where the bone fused, so it was shorter than the other in front. I had bonding added for length, but it always stained... READ MORE

Should I replace Veneer with Lumineer? My teeth have been ground down, but I don't want them ground down any more.

I had a gap in front teeth which I got corrected using 2 porcelain veneers. But the veneers appear very bulky and protrude out. My teeth were... READ MORE

Lumineers or Veneers? And for how many teeth? (photos)

With work that I've had on my teeth overtime, my lateral incisors have been shaved down a lot, and on my last visit the dentist shaved down my canines... READ MORE

Veneers vs Lumineers for patient w advanced periodontal disease under control?

Can Lumineers or veneers be placed over 2 front teeth w porcelain crowns ? And can they be applied on teeth w underlying periodontal disease that is... READ MORE

Can I get lumineers at 16? (photo)

I'm a 16 year old, I have wide spaces between my front teeth. A dentist told me I don't need braces and when my K9s fall out and the new ones grow the... READ MORE

Would lumineers work for my crooked teeth? (photo)

Hi, so I'm 17 and I'm about to go to college. I really don't want to start college with braces on, so I'm looking into other alternatives, lumineers... READ MORE

Go candidate for lumineers? (Photo)

Spacing issue with my top teeth next to my two front teeth. Also appear to small compaired go the two front teeth READ MORE

Which procedure would you recommend; Lumineers, veneers or braces? (photos)

I really like the idea of lumineers or veneers vs braces ...i am wondering if my case could possibly qualify for lumineers. I'm wanting to steer away... READ MORE

Add on to lumineers - contouring improvement advice?

Recently got 2 lumineers on the teeth directly next to my front 2 teeth. coloring on the lumineers is good but now I feel that I should get lumineers... READ MORE

Is it normal to have the middle of a front tooth shaved vertically to better fit a veneer?

I had a veneer come off my front tooth from trying to open a plastic packaging of a packet of beef jerky. They put it back on. I've been conscious to... READ MORE

I would like to know if it is possible to remove my Lumineers and restore my smile with minimal to no damage to my teeth?

At 26-years-old I put Lumineers on my upper six front teeth. Luckily, my dentist knew the technique since I’ve never had any (medical) issues with m... READ MORE

How should I fix these 2 teeth?

I have two teeth on my upper left front with a noticeable gap in between and they are both slanted funny. One dentist says that I should get... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for lumineers? And if not what's my best option? (photos)

I don't exactly have the worst teeth in the world but my smile still aesthetically displeases me. I have an extremely crooked front tooth, a small... READ MORE

Staining under Lumineers, can this be fixed?

I have had lumineers for several years with no problems. Recently I noticed what looks like staining UNDER all four front lumineers. Looks like the... READ MORE

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