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Lumineers Vs Veneers

When would you recommend lumineers instead of veneers? What factors are considered? READ MORE

Veneer or Lumineer on One Tooth?

Hi Doctors. I have had a huger white mark on my upper front tooth since a a kid. i've read that it was some calcium shortage due to sickness while... READ MORE

Braces Vs. Lumineers - Which is better?

I am interested in getting luminers or just braces. I want to cover up a gap between my front teeth. I am really self-conscience about the gap. I feel... READ MORE

I want my gap gone: What's better, bonding or veneers or maybe lumineers? (Photos)

Not interested in Invisalign or braces. Thank you I'm too old for that. READ MORE

Is the cost of lumineers and veneers the same?

In all of my research it seems that the dentist has a lot less work with the lumineers. It stands to reason lumineers should be more cost effective. READ MORE

Should I replace Veneer with Lumineer? My teeth have been ground down, but I don't want them ground down any more.

I had a gap in front teeth which I got corrected using 2 porcelain veneers. But the veneers appear very bulky and protrude out. My teeth were... READ MORE

Lumineers or Veneers? And for how many teeth? (photos)

With work that I've had on my teeth overtime, my lateral incisors have been shaved down a lot, and on my last visit the dentist shaved down my canines... READ MORE

Lumineers Vs Veneers Vs Crowns??

I am looking for some unbiased advice. I am a news anchor who is looking for extremely white/perfect teeth. My teeth are fine now but not as white or... READ MORE

Veneer or lumineer? One tooth is bigger than the others (Photo)

I have one tooth that is bigger than the other one. It is longer. There's a little gap in the middle and I would like to let you guys know that... READ MORE

Can I get Lumineers instead of veneers? (Photo)

My dentist told me to get braces to correct my overbite and 4 veneers to close my gaps. He didn't tell me that veneers weren't reversabile. after... READ MORE

Should I get lumineers, veeners, or is traditional braces my only option? (Photo)

I want my teeth straightened to improve my confidence also what about 6 month smiles is it legit thank you to whoever responds. I have a bit of... READ MORE

Are Lumineers and e-Max veneers made with the same material?

Lumineers and e-max veneers are made with the same material?I mean which is the different feom Lumineers and e-max veneers? READ MORE

How should I fix these 2 teeth?

I have two teeth on my upper left front with a noticeable gap in between and they are both slanted funny. One dentist says that I should get... READ MORE

Lumineers rs or veneers? (Photo)

I like my smile but it can be better. I love the shape of my teeth but I hate that they are small. Any recommendations? READ MORE

My teeth have been brown since childhood due to the salty water. I want to decide between lumineers, veneers or crowns (Photo)

Im scared i don't come up with a bad idea that wil ruin my life,and the dentist ive visited for consultation are intrested in money they don't even... READ MORE

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