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When Would a Patient Choose Bonding over Lumineers?

Are there any situations that still warrant bonding instead of lumineers? READ MORE

Can Lumineers Be Used for Missing Upper and Lower Back Teeth?

I have missing upper and lower back teeth: 3 upper right, 2 lower right and 2 upper left, but all back teeth are there for anchors.I would like to... READ MORE

Who Would Be the Best Candidate for LUMINEERS?

I'm interested in LUMINEERS. I have bad anxiety with needles, and i know anesthesia is needed for porcelain veneers. My front tooth is chipped almost... READ MORE

Do Lumineers Work on Very Small Teeth?

Are people with small teeth still a candidate for Lumineers, or is another procedure better to correct chipped front teeth? READ MORE

What Color or Condition Should Teeth Be In For Good Results with Lumineers?

If teeth are a bit dark and yellow before lumineers are put on, will the dentist recommend teeth whitening beforehand?  READ MORE

Will Lumineers or Porcelain Veneers work to fix my underbite and overcrowded teeth? (photos)

I have all my 32 teeth and never once had a cavity in my life. I recently went to an Invisalign consultation and the dentist said the Invisalign is... READ MORE

How Much Decay Does It Take to be Considered a Bad Candidate for Lumineers?

Is it true that one of the main disadvantages is that candidates for the veneers must be in good dental health before the procedure? (http://www... READ MORE

When would the results of Lumineers be better than Braces for teens??

(,0,1008742.story) It seems that most dentists would recommend that teens use the... READ MORE

Why Are Some Mouths with Missing Teeth Not a Good Candidate for Lumineers?

Are lumineers not a good option for someone who has two side-by-side teeth missing? READ MORE

Lumineers for Front Lower Teeth That Have Erosion?

Front lower teeth have erosion at the gum and on the sides. Crowns are not advised. With Lumineers a lesser amount of tooth filing may be necessary to... READ MORE

Can Lumineers Be Used if the Patient Has an Old Bond on One or Two Teeth?

Can Lumineers Be Used if the Patient Has  an Old Bond on One or Two Teeth? READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Lumineers? Is bonding + shaping + whitening a better option? Veneers are out of the question. (Photo)

My teeth are very straight but I dont like their 'round' shape in the middle- and my canines look like the Rocky Mts. lol and have subsequently... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for lumineers or porcelain veneers? I don't want braces or Invisalign due to time constraints (Photo)

My class reunion coming up at the end of May. I'm really self-conscious about my smile & have even contemplated not going because of it. My top left... READ MORE

Veneers or Invisalign? Crowded teeth. (photos)

I have crowded teeth that are also at an inward slant. I also find my teeth a bit too small and I am not happy with their colour. What would be the... READ MORE

Go candidate for lumineers? (Photo)

Spacing issue with my top teeth next to my two front teeth. Also appear to small compaired go the two front teeth READ MORE

Hello, I Have Chipped Front Teeth with One Small Filling, Am I A Candidate for Lumineers?

I am not sure I am a good candidate for Lumineers: ---There is no any space between my teeth, so they probably will need a grinding. ---I do not want... READ MORE

Lumineers just for tooth whitening?

I have always wanted a white smile but any whitening products give me painful "zingers" and terrible sensitivity so I have not been able to finish any... READ MORE

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