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Staining on Lumineers?

I have been using Crest Pro-Health mouthwash for a month. I have noticed bad brown stains on my teeth. Yesterday, I had Lumineers placed on top of... READ MORE

8 Lumineers Applied to my Top Teeth. They Are Too Long and Too Thick, Help!

I just had 8 Lumineers applied to my top teeth. I had a gap between my front two teeth, which was getting worse with age. The were also discolored due... READ MORE

Lumineers Problems

I'm having problems with my Lumineers. I don't like the way they look. Who should I talk to? What can I do?   READ MORE

Cavities and Root Canal After Getting Lumineers

What should be done when a cavity develops or a root canal is needed after getting Lumineers done? READ MORE

Toothpaste Safe for Lumineers?

Is any type of toothpaste okay to use on the Lumineers? READ MORE

Would Lumineers for a buck tooth smile affect Speech?

How often do patients experience speech difficulties when lumineers are used for de-emphasizing buck teeth?   READ MORE

Lumineers and Teeth Grinding

If a bite guard is not always worn at night, will there be any problems with lumineers down the road if one grinds their teeth too much? READ MORE

Resilience of Lumineers?

How long can lumineers be expected to last and how are they cleaned? READ MORE

How often do patients Feel as if their Teeth Are Thicker after Lumineers?

How often is this just a factor of getting used to them? Do most people get used to the feeling of lumineers in a week or so? READ MORE

How to Keep Lumineers White?

After You Have Lumineer's, How Do You Keep Them White? READ MORE

Flossing Teeth With Lumineers, With there Be Any Issues?

What are some of the issues when it comes to flossing with Lumineers? What is a recommended cleaning suggestion? READ MORE

My lumineers already stained after a few days?

I just had my lumineers glued on about 2 weeks ago. After the first fews days I noticed a slight stain on my right canine. And now 2 weeks in I've... READ MORE

Do Lumineers Dry out Your Lips?

Some people who have had cosmetic dentistry lick their teeth. Do veneers dry out your mouth? READ MORE

Why Can't a Replaced Lumineer Look and Feel the Same As the First Installation?

I am a proud wearer of lumineers for four years now and couldn't be happier. However recently a front lumineer had chipped by the gum line. It was... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Make Lumineers Look More Realistic? I Recently Got Some and Hate Them. I Want my Old Teeth Back.

Is There Any Way to Make Lumineers Look More Realistic? I Recently Got Some and Hate Them. I Want my Old Teeth Back. READ MORE

Can You Whiten Lummineers Like You Do Regular Teeth or Do They Have to Be Removed and Replaced for a Whiter Smile?

I have lumineers on my top and bottom teeth 8on top 6 on bottom my question is can they be whiten like regular teeth or do they have to be removed and... READ MORE

Lumineers Keep Cracking or Comming off - Alignment Problem?

They coverd them the first time but these are expensive can this be an allignment problem READ MORE

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