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Is it normal to have swollen lymph nodes after lower face lift?

Is it normal to have swollen lymph nodes under jaw after lower face lift? READ MORE

Day 30 post op, I seem to be swollen under my chin. Any suggestions? (photos)

Day 30 post operation lower facelift I seem to be swollen under my chin i had liposuction there, I can see some lines around the sides of my mouth,... READ MORE

Why have I developed two bands above my adam's apple after 4 months of lower facelift?

It's now 4 months after my surgery. I just came from my Surgeon and he is not very helpful when I ask him my concerns. I loved my facelift results but... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, I am still swollen. Any suggestions? (photos)

Six weeks post operation I am still swollen around my jawline under my chin I had liposuction however I have noticed my double chin coming back... READ MORE

Severely uneven smile 10 days post op lower facelift and neck tightening. What is my prognosis?

Hello, my right upper lip does have movement and feeling but doesn't rise nearly to level of left when I smile. Also can't scrunch my nose as much on... READ MORE

My face are swollen and my right ear is rock hard. Can a face be aspirated too after a lower face lift?

I posted a pictures of the swelling under my neck since my lower face lift and most of the responses suggested aspiration. Thank you for responding.... READ MORE

I had lower face and neck lift 3 weeks 4 days ago in Belgium. Is this normal?

I have pain and 2 one inch lumps under my chin. Also the right side of my face appears to be getting more swollen. My cheekbones are also painfull .... READ MORE

I have had a lower face, neck and upper eye lift. I am now on day 19 and still have a hard swollen lower face (Photo)

I also had terrible black bruises down both sides of my face . When it faded it all cracked like a burn would and looks awfull . From the front I look... READ MORE

Lower face lift: swollen on the cheek bone of the less swollen side and then swollen more on the other side. (photo)

I had a lower face lift 3 weeks ago where they stitch the muscle to the cheek bones. I am a very slim lady so my face is slim and on the left side I... READ MORE

25 days post lower face and necklift. Still swollen and uncomfortable, sometimes painful. What can I do?

Still very swollen especially under chin out to the ears. I am most swollen in the morning. Today I woke up especially swollen, creating pain and... READ MORE

10 weeks post op, I'm swollen on the left side of my face. Any suggestions?

Facelift 10weeks ago still have knot on left side possibly blood collected..what to do READ MORE

Swollen face after 6 days of eye bluffs and facelift. Is this normal?

Just had my lower eyes and neck lift lower face lift and still very swollen on the left side . My neck feels and looks good but it is swollen to the... READ MORE

What happened with lower facelift 8 months ago? (photo)

Dr.said lymph nodes swollen. Internist said no but doing ultrasound. So disappointed and embarrassed. What could have happened? READ MORE

Swollen cheeks 10 months after mini or lower facelift? (Photo)

My plastic surgeon has been injecting what he calls scar tissue inside my cheeks with cortisone. Does not seem to be helping at all after three months... READ MORE

Is my face overly swollen from fat grafting done on Monday? Photo)

I am worried from what I see today that my face will continue to look like a round moonpie from the fat grafting I had done on Monday. I also had a... READ MORE

My lower facelift has fallen on one side and my jaw remains chronically swollen at 18 months post surgery, what should I do?

After 18 months the swelling in my left jaw has not resolved and in the past month my left jowl has returned with mild discomfort and a swollen node... READ MORE

What else can I take for pain after Lower Face Lift yesterday? Medication prescribed makes me sick.

Hi I had a lower face lift yesterday and I'm vey swollen only on one side with a bi of puckering behind my ear. I am in a lot of pain as the meds... READ MORE

On 10 February 2017 I had a lower face and neck lift. Neck feels tight all the time and it's difficult to smile properly (photo)

I had heavy jowls and my neck was crinkly. The operation took four hours as the muscles on my neck were extremely tight. Today I have 18 days behind... READ MORE

2 months after lower face lift very define on one side and still swollen on other side?

I had a lower face lift 2 full months ago today and the left side has always been tight and defined however the right side was very swollen after... READ MORE

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