Stitches + Lower Face Lift

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Stitches Dissolving but Skin is Not Totally Held Together. Should I Be Concerned?

I am 8 days postoperative from lower face lift and some of the crust is coming off my disolvable stitches but the skin is not holding together around... READ MORE

Is bleeding at stitches site behind ear normal after lower face lift?

I am 11 days post op of a lower face and neck lift. i have some bleeding behind one ear where the stitches were removed. Is this of any concern? READ MORE

Sutures, stitches and staples for lower Facelift?

Which approach has the best results ( better looking scars, faster healing, adds time to the surgery)? READ MORE

My doctor spoke with his colleagues who all believe this is an Allergic Reaction to PDS Stitches. Any thoughts? (photo)

My dr. removed the stitches inside my chin with bone like material around them. It looked like my body was trying to incapsulate the stitches from the... READ MORE

Is there any point to begin wearing a chinstrap 13 days post surgery?

I had a lower facelift and tightening of underlying fascia and muscle on April 15. My doctor removed a small amount of fat under my chin using... READ MORE

3 months post lower face lift. Is this normal?

I am 3 months out from lower facelift and I am now feeling the stitches along the front pf the ears and lobes into neck. They feel like a sharp object... READ MORE

Are there methods to help speed up dissolving internal stitches after having a lower face-lift?

I had a lower face-lift 5 weeks ago and have damage to my marginal mandibular branch. I have little to no movement to my right upper lip. My doctor... READ MORE

My Doctor says I'm allergic to PDS stitches. Being treated with Steroids. What are my options ?

I had a lower face and neck lift done in October 2014. A few weeks later a lump developed under my chin. My doctor took out some hard material from... READ MORE

It is now 7 weeks after my lower facelift and I still have pain and sticking and pulling. Is this normal?

My stitches still hurt. They feel itchy and very sore . when I turn my head I feel the stitches behind my ears pulling. Is this normal for 7 weeks... READ MORE

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