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How Long to Wait for Lower Face and Neck Lift Revision Surgery?

I am 4 months post op from lower face and neck lift. When I look forward with my head raised my jawline looks perfectly smooth. If I smile, turn or... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Lower Facelift Revision in London?

I now am contemplating another facelift (lower face)after disastrous results in Costa Rica.....but i want a very tight jawline and preferably with a... READ MORE

How Soon Can a Revision Be Done After Lower Laser Facelift?

I had a lower laser face lift done approx. 4months ago. I have a fat pocket that hangs down under my chin right behind chin scar. It looks awful and... READ MORE

2 weeks post op platysmaplasty revision, I have a fluid on my neck. Is this a fluid pocket/ seroma? (photos)

I has a platysmaplasty revision 2 weeks ago and there remains a pocket of what appears to be fluid on my neck that is asthetically unattractive. I... READ MORE

What can this lump be 6 weeks post lower Facelift revision to fix bad scars and 'pixie ears.' (photo)

Hi, from day one the right side of my face swelled badly and I have a lump on that side. I had the incision opened and suction/pressure applied but... READ MORE

Need a second facelift. Should i go back to the same doctor that did the first one?

I had a lower facelift 11 years ago. I would like to have my face "rejuvenated" again. Mostly i loved my results, but it was not perfect. Also i want... READ MORE

2 months after lower facelift, neck is still too tight. Is this normal?

I had a lower facelift 2 mos ago and my neck is still too tight, my adams apple is still catching when I swallow on what feels like an ear to ear band... READ MORE

Lower face/neck lift? Revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I'd like your opinion about a lower face/neck lift. I consulted with a facial plastic surgeon early 2015 and he said, "not yet; get broad band laser... READ MORE

How soon is too soon to have another neck and lower face lift?

I had a neck lift and lower face lift about 8 years ago. Is it too soon to have another? I feel like I need refreshing again. Is it even advisable to... READ MORE

Asking for advise on sagging skin and neck Bands after a lower face lift and neck lift performed 2 years ago? (photo)

6 months post op the skin under my chin started sagging, the right side is heavier than the left side and I have neck bands. The PS said wait a couple... READ MORE

I had lower facelift with chin implant, surgeon went in same incision to do local revision. 10/14 surgery, revision 6/15

After that no help, just had pain heat sensitive can't go outside, has resolved some.unable to swallow without thinking about it can see larynx... READ MORE

2 Bd facelift after 6 years still not happy. (photos)

I had lower fl 6 years ago at 49' then another at 56, still have neck issues. Doc says he will fix it again READ MORE

I'm 10 months post op, with itching & numbness around my ears. Will the roll under my chin be tightened during revision? (Photo)

I'm having revision surgery in two months because a firm roll developed under my chin. Goes from ear to ear. Besides being concerned as to whether or... READ MORE

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