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5 Months After Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty Do These Symptoms Sound Like Greater Auricular Nerve Damage?

1.Right side of neck & ear occasionally feel much tighter & “tingly” than left side 2.Right ear occasionally feels plugged (ENT says ear is ... READ MORE

How long does the Platysma stay together?

JANUARY 22, 2013 I had a lower facelift, neck lipo, upper eyes done. Will the platysma stay together, or like the rest, eventually have to be done... READ MORE

No improvement in prominent platysmus muscles. Can anything be done? (Photo)

I had a lower face and neck lift in early December. There were no complications. I did cough a bit and sometimes spoke emphatically after the first... READ MORE

What is the difference between tightening of the platysmal muscle behind the ear versus under the chin?

I am about to have a lower face lift, and my PS has indicated that my platysmal bands are to widely separated to allow for the usual 'corset' under... READ MORE

One month ago I had a necklift and lower facelift. The platysmal band on the left side is still hanging.

My doctor told me both sides of the muscle were shredded and scarred, yet she managed to do a perfect job on the right side. I am not satisfied with... READ MORE

Does the platsyma reattach after surgery?

I had platysmaplasty and 6 months later I noticed the similar look prior to the surgery and I was told it grew back together. I have never heard of this. READ MORE

My platysmal bands are 5 cm apart. Can this be fixed during lower face lift?

What are the chances my platysma bands which are 5 cm apart can be successfully surgically tied when I have my lower face lift? One doctor says he... READ MORE

The Doctors have been asking to see before photos. What can be done to remedy my neck? (Photo)

Prior to surgery I wasn't bad. I just had a looseness on my neck and a "crepeness" under my chin. I'll show you before photos and after. I never had... READ MORE

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