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Procedure to get a sharp jawline/Female, 50. (photo)

I am considering a lower face lift to tighten my neck and make a jawline as sharp as possible. I am not sure if only the lower face lift will do the... READ MORE

Should my ears look like this? (Photos)

I had a lower face lift, upper and lower eyes and fat transfer. I am 12 weeks post op and feel that the folds behind my ears, which are still quite... READ MORE

What is the right procedure for lifting lower face at 42? (photos)

I've been struggling with what to do about my suddenly sagging lower face. I've attempted some juvaderm but now i just look sagging and lumpy. Is a... READ MORE

My 50 yr old face needs fixing (photos)

I have saggy jowls and it looks awful My cheeks appear hollow and there is a pad of skin under my rhs lower lip which is disfiguring. Im far from... READ MORE

I am 54. my jowls are just starting to sag & I am beginning that marionette look. What is the best procedure with little downtim

I am 54 and want something to tighten my lower face. X wrinkles don't bother me but sagging jowls and marionette lines do READ MORE

I'm 64. Are these scars and bruises healing normally? 22 days after lower facelift (Photo)

22 Days after my surgery I've been massaging under my chin about 8 times a day and I'm wondering if my under-chin scar and bruises are healing... READ MORE

Should I lose weight before Lower Face Lift? (photo)

Hi, I am about to turn 46. I have an 8 month old ( yes, you read that right) I still have 25lbs. to lose. Should I lose the weight before I have a... READ MORE

13 days post op Lower Face Lift. Is this swelling normal? It has a flower in the middle. (photos)

I had a lower facelift plus stem cells 13 days ago. My eyes (both the whites of my eyes and the skin around my eyes) turned blood red from the cells,... READ MORE

What is causing this redness around front of ear? (photos)

Post op day 10. This looked worse on Post op an improvement. Using compression garment as ps instructed. No ice anymore, never used warm... READ MORE

I still look very banged up 8 days after a lower face and neck lift. What can I do? (Photo)

I do see a difference each day, compression garment n/day.Pictures to ps yesterday, was not concerned, just said to keep doing what doing. My bruising... READ MORE

I had Lower Face Lift 3 wks ago, swelling under my chin hasn't subsided, I had an ultrasound which ruled out hematoma. (photos)

My Ps wants me to return back abroad to aspirated. Can this be done by a general surgeon in the uk how do they aspirated? is it with a needle or drain... READ MORE

The Doctors have been asking to see before photos. What can be done to remedy my neck? (Photo)

Prior to surgery I wasn't bad. I just had a looseness on my neck and a "crepeness" under my chin. I'll show you before photos and after. I never had... READ MORE

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