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Options For Weak Jaw Line and Sagging Cheeks?

Hi Drs,I was wondering what are my options to restore facial fullness of my cheeks and heigth in my jaw line? I'm 34 years old. I always used to... READ MORE

How to Give my Face a Contoured, Feminine Shape?

I am 21 years old, in good health (5'4 at about 120-125 pounds) and face is too round and has no real shape. I already had a rhinoplasty and chin... READ MORE

Lower face/neck lift or smart lipo laser procedure for a double chin and loose skin under jawline, chin, and neck area?

I'm in early 40's. I lost weight due to an illness last year, that caused the skin under my jawline, chin, and neck to sag. Now, I have a double chin,... READ MORE

Jowls Returned 2 Months After Lower Face Lift, What Can I do Now?

I had a lower face and neck lift September 2011. I looked good for 2 months. Now my jowels are back. What can I do? READ MORE

Tightness Behind Ears and in Neck One Year Post Surgery and Red Striations in Neck.

I had a lower facelift and upper eyelift about 11 months ago. The tightness behind my ears and in my neck (ears are worse) is really bothering me. I... READ MORE

Botched Lower Face Lift 18 Months Ago Left Me a Possible Leaking Parotid Gland?

I had a lower face lift 18 months ago, and my PS said the swelling in my cheek that followed was a hematoma that would go away on its own. It... READ MORE

I am noticing my jowls are sagging slightly. Is there a procedure that is recommended to correct this?

I am 44 years old. I have been using filler and botox since the age of 37. I have used filler under the eyes and have also had my nasolabial folds... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Loosen a Lower Face Lift?

I had a lower face lift over a year ago to restore my "Audrey Hepburn" like jaw line. I do not think my doctor understood the structure of my face... READ MORE

Scars on and behind the ears 5 months after lower facelift - is there anything that can be done to make them less noticeable?

I had a lower lift and upper and lower blephoplasty 5 months ago. I am happy with the results but I have noticed the scars on front of the ears and... READ MORE

Banding & sagging of lower facelift & neck lift at 10 months post op. What are the causes and solution options? (Photo)

I had a neck lift, lower face lift , upper & lower blepharoplasty &fat transfer done on 7/14. I was told the neck lift lower face lift would last... READ MORE

In need of a refresher 5-1/2 years after lower face-lift! What do you suggest? (Photo)

I feel as though my results from my Lower Face-Lift of 51/2 years ago is now fading!! I noticed that #1) My eyes, upper lip, temples are losing fat... READ MORE

What has happened to my face? Can it be corrected? (Photo)

I had a face and neck lift, eyes both top and lower lid and fat transfer to face, I have had 2 neck revision surgeries a year apart. I am extremely... READ MORE

No improvement in prominent platysmus muscles. Can anything be done? (Photo)

I had a lower face and neck lift in early December. There were no complications. I did cough a bit and sometimes spoke emphatically after the first... READ MORE

Dear Doctors, I am a 40 years old mother . What is the best option for sagging jaw line and nasolabial fold ? (photo)

What is the right treatment for my sagging jaw ? I live in Bayarea , please let me know what is my best option. Thank you so much . READ MORE

I will turn 60 in August. I'm looking for facial rejuvenation. However, my left eye is prosthetic. What do you suggest? (Photo)

I am certain that I need a lower facelift, neck lift, fat graphs. The loss of fat is a big concern to me. I have even lost fat in my forehead. I am... READ MORE

Neck lipo, lower face lift, fat grafting or neck lift ... Or? (Photo)

I used to weight 80 pounds more. I lost a lot of fat, width and definition in my face. I'm getting fat grafting to address some of this, but I'm not... READ MORE

How can I tighten lower face/neck with minimal cost? (Photo)

I'm 49 years old. My lower face/neck area is driving me mad with its looseness. My cheeks are sliding toward my mouth and my under chin area is... READ MORE

Could someone please tell me the preferred anesthesia to use for a lower face and neck lift?

I will be having a lower face and neck lift in Feb and would like to be informed of the one anesthesia that is most used for complete comfort . READ MORE

I have had a hematoma for about 1 week. Should more drastic treatment be taking place?

I am 11 days post op of lower face lift and chin lift. The right side of my face is doing great. The left side looks worse everyday. I have seen the... READ MORE

Lower facelift, neck lift & fat transfer nightmare (Photo)

I am 57 yrs. old. The doctor told me in order to get neck lift I should do the lower facelift . My neck is crinkly and terrible. I am very devastated ... READ MORE

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