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Ear Numbness on One Side After Lower Facelift?

I had a lower face lift 9 weeks ago. One ear is still virtually, completely numb. I have feeling inside the ear, near and around the entrance to the... READ MORE

Wrinkled Patch on Cheek One Month After Lower Face Lift and Neck Lift. They Weren't There Before? (photo)

I am 3.5 weeks post op with pleasing results. Still very numb, more one one side then the other and swollen. Just below my cheek bone I have a... READ MORE

Almost 4 Months After Facelift, Strange New Sensations. Please Help Me to Understand What's Going On?

I had a mini lower lift 4 months ago. My primary complaint up to last week has been uncomfortable tightness around ears. That discomfort has just... READ MORE

5 Months After Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty Do These Symptoms Sound Like Greater Auricular Nerve Damage?

1.Right side of neck & ear occasionally feel much tighter & “tingly” than left side 2.Right ear occasionally feels plugged (ENT says ear is ... READ MORE

I Had a Mid/lower Face Lift 5 Wks Ago, and my Right Ear is Numb. Can my Ear Regain Sensation After 5 Wks?

I have read that if the GAN is transected, it can be permanent. The other ear was also numb but has regained its sensation. I feel as though the right... READ MORE

Feel Good 4 Months After Facelift. But Only 2 Hours Per Day. Any Explanation?

I had a mini-lower lift 4 months ago. I had a lot of issues with recovery most of which are slowly resolving. My primary remaining issues are... READ MORE

Is it normal to be still numb, tingly, itchy and a little sore around the stitched area 3 weeks after a lower facelift?

I'm pleased with how I look I just have these symptoms. How soon after a facelift can I go in for some filler ? READ MORE

Swelling and hard lumps behind my ears and swelling and discoloration in front of ears. Any suggestions? (photos)

7 weeks ago I had a minimally invasive lower face, jowls and neck lift. According to my doctor's website: 'The Lift is technically a simple procedure... READ MORE

How long does it take to recover after a lower facelift?

I had a lower face lift 4 months ago. Still have numbness in my ears and face along with ringing in my ears. Also still alot of tightness in my neck .... READ MORE

How long will it take for me to get my facial expressions back?

Hi had lower face lift surgery and fat grafting in the orbital area. I have a lot of numbness in my cheeks. I CAN smile with my lips closed but not... READ MORE

3 months post neck and lower facelift and my smile is crooked. (Photos)

How can I determine if my smile will return to normal? I have both pain and numbness in my right ear as well as my neck. I also have lumps from drains... READ MORE

Will numbness and tightness after lower facelift ever return to normal after 3 plus years post op?

I had a lower facelift 3+years ago and I continue to suffer bilateral numbness and tightness. I consulted with a neurologist from the Cleveland... READ MORE

I had a lower face lift 20 months ago.I am still experiencing numbness/tightness.Will this pass?What caused this? What can I do?

My looks are fine except for a new jowl issue. (Save for later question) This numbness and tightness gets worse as day progresses. The feeling is from... READ MORE

Twitching in cheek 4 months post lower facelift, will the twitches or spasms be temporary?

I had a lower facelift over 4 months ago. I also had fillers & Botox 1 week later. No Botox since. My face had felt a little more numb on 1 side... READ MORE

It's been 3 months since my surgery. How long should it be before you have anything done after a lower face lift?

It's been three months since my surgery and I still have numbness actually feels like I have a band around my ears permanently. Nor sure if this is... READ MORE

I'm 46. I had a temporal lift, bleph top lids lower face lift, and mesh chin augmentation. What can I do to speed up healing?

My Left Lip Is Still Numb. My Smile is Crooked and When I Laugh my left side looks Funky. My PS reassures me this is normal. Is their anything. Facial... READ MORE

I'm 10 months post op, with itching & numbness around my ears. Will the roll under my chin be tightened during revision? (Photo)

I'm having revision surgery in two months because a firm roll developed under my chin. Goes from ear to ear. Besides being concerned as to whether or... READ MORE

On 10 February 2017 I had a lower face and neck lift. Neck feels tight all the time and it's difficult to smile properly (photo)

I had heavy jowls and my neck was crinkly. The operation took four hours as the muscles on my neck were extremely tight. Today I have 18 days behind... READ MORE

1 1/2 years post surgery of lower face/neck lift with lipo under chin. What can be done about the tingling and numbness?

Neck looks no different than last post. still have tingling and numbness. Gets worse when I get hot/working out, etc. Besides another surgery not sure... READ MORE

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