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Is This Normal Swelling from Lower Face Lift?

Had lower facelift & CO2 laser 9 days ago. Mainly recuperating well, except lower right side of jawline and upper neck has swelled so badly, dr... READ MORE

Why is my Neck Stiff, Tight with Pleated Skin After a Lower Facelift Only?

My Neck is Very Tight and Stiff with Pleated Bands of tissue running up the sternocleidomastoid muscle region with swelling in my neck to the mastoid.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swollen lymph nodes after lower face lift?

Is it normal to have swollen lymph nodes under jaw after lower face lift? READ MORE

Had a Lower Facelift with No Bruising, No Tightness, and Back To Normal in 20 Min?

A lower facelift with no bruising,no tightness,and to be back to normal within 20 minutes? READ MORE

I Had a Lower Face Lift 9 Months Ago.I Have a Stiff Neck with Limited Range of Movement Side to Side and Up and Down.?

I Had a Lower Face Lift 9 Months Ago.I Have a Stiff Neck with Limited Range of Movement  Side to Side and Up and Down.? READ MORE

How long does it really take for tightness and swelling to subside after a neck and partial face lift? (Photo)

On 4/14/15 I had a neck and partial face lift. Recovered very well and not a lot of bruising. But now I'm getting a little concerned. Most days I feel... READ MORE

Is it normal for the bruising after face and neck surgery to turn into scabbing?

I had a neck and lower facelift 2 weeks ago. About a week after surgery my neck and the right side of my face became covered in scabs. My surgeon has... READ MORE

Seeking recommendations for doctors in Bay Area for a lower face lift. (photos)

My skin has been thinning more rapidly from taking a low dose of prednisone for many years. I was able to stop taking that a year ago. Though it can't... READ MORE

I look stiff and unnatural when I try to smile. I'm15 days post-op. Will this resolve in time?

I had a lower face lift (with fat transfer) and a neck lift 15 days ago. I've healed well and look good, but when I try to smile I just look freaky.... READ MORE

2 months after lower facelift, neck is still too tight. Is this normal?

I had a lower facelift 2 mos ago and my neck is still too tight, my adams apple is still catching when I swallow on what feels like an ear to ear band... READ MORE

3 months post lower face lift. Is this normal?

I am 3 months out from lower facelift and I am now feeling the stitches along the front pf the ears and lobes into neck. They feel like a sharp object... READ MORE

Are these irregularities normal 3 and 1/2 weeks after a lower facelift?

I love the surgeon I chose. I am just obsessing as I heal. This particular surgeon does not want his patients wearing a facial bra. Is there something... READ MORE

I had lower face and neck lift 3 weeks 4 days ago in Belgium. Is this normal?

I have pain and 2 one inch lumps under my chin. Also the right side of my face appears to be getting more swollen. My cheekbones are also painfull .... READ MORE

Sensitive skin and facelift.

I am considering a lower facelift and neck lift for sagging jowls and turkey neck. I have thin, sensitive skin with broken blood vessels. I can look... READ MORE

Lower face lift 6 weeks ago. I looked good at 3-4 weeks. Now the swelling has increased with hard lumps under my chin (Photo)

Use head wrap most of the time and have been sleeping in a recliner all this time. Only med is Aleve, no bending or exercise, watch my diet. But I... READ MORE

Will swelling under eye after lower face/neck lift go away? (Photos)

From the very first week, I have had a huge swelling under my right eye, even though I didn't have anything done on my eyes. I am 7 weeks post... READ MORE

Why does my skin feel like it is seeping moisture after my facelift?

Four months ago I had a lower face and neck lift. Post-op, the skin that the surgeon worked on, which is basically around the sides of my face and all... READ MORE

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