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Will Evaluation for Lower Facelift Be Accurate if I Have Fillers?

I just had Radiesse for my nasolabial folds and Juvederm to fill out the upper and a little for the lower lip. Nice improvement. However, the... READ MORE

Could I Have Short Incision in Front the Ear Vs. Inside the Ear Incision? (photo)

I want to know what is a better solution to reduce jowls, marionette and nasolabial folds - for minimal scarring: Short incision IN FRONT of the year... READ MORE

Dear Doctors, I am a 40 years old mother . What is the best option for sagging jaw line and nasolabial fold ? (photo)

What is the right treatment for my sagging jaw ? I live in Bayarea , please let me know what is my best option. Thank you so much . READ MORE

Which surgical procedure can help my sagging neck and lumps on sides of mouth? (photos)

As the photos show, I would ideally like to reduce the sagginess of my neck and lift the 'lumps' around my mouth. I believe that filler won't be cost... READ MORE

18 days post lower face and neck lift, bleeding behind left ear. Do I need a graph or another suture or some special wound care?

My left ear is bleeding quite a bit - like a minor nose bleed with lots of crusty blood forming every morning behind and in the back crease. I was... READ MORE

Lower facelift? (Photo)

Hi .How are you? Dear: Doctors , I am 43 years old, with a tired looking face....... wondering if a lower face lift will give me a long lasting... READ MORE

I have saggy jowl and nasolabial folds at age of 27. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I'm 173 cm and 47kg at 27 years age. Its been some years I feel uncomfortable for my saggy face skin. I've experienced a 7kg weight gain for a... READ MORE

What can I do for my mid/lower face? (photos)

33 y/o female. I hate my nasolabial creases and my jowls look like they are sagging and my mid/lower face looks terrible overall. I have had fillers... READ MORE

Options to reduce Nasolabial and Marionette folds creating appearance of jowls in twenties? (Photo)

I have extremely pronounced nasolabial folds and marionette lines that create a downward pull of my face and give me the appearance of Jowls. I am in... READ MORE

Sagging face at 24. Jowls and marionette/nasolabial lines. What can I do? (Photos)

I feel my face has been starting to sag about a year ago. I used to have a very defined and pretty jow line, but now my cheeks are starting to sag.... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove nasolabial folds & sagging Jowls? (Photo)

I've been extensively researching excision as a 1st step, as the fold are of most concern to me. Fillers are not an option as I'm hoping for a... READ MORE

35 years old, want to improve lower face (Photo)

I am 35 years old, I want to improve my lower face. I dont like my profile and in the last couple of years my cheeks have dropped and I have a double... READ MORE

How effective is a lower face lift?

How effective is a lower face lift where the incision is in front of the ears for eliminating nasolabial folds and facial depressions in the lower... READ MORE

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