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Post Op Lower Face Lift, 3 Weeks, Black Spot?

I am post op week three and have developed this divot in my cheek that is turning black. Now, I did have a MASSIVE hematoma and it was NOT evacuated;... READ MORE

Black Spot, Cheek Hematoma Post Lower Face Lift?

Post lower face lift w/ massive hematoma; tried to get my surgeon to see me regarding the black spot, to no avail. The doc who saw me 4 suture removal... READ MORE

I had Lower Face Lift 3 wks ago, swelling under my chin hasn't subsided, I had an ultrasound which ruled out hematoma. (photos)

My Ps wants me to return back abroad to aspirated. Can this be done by a general surgeon in the uk how do they aspirated? is it with a needle or drain... READ MORE

Lower facelift 5/26. Mild hematoma under left cheek. PS says it will reabsorb without treatment. How can I speed that up?(photo)

1) Does applying/removing makeup re-bruise hematoma and slow down reabsorption? 2) Does “airing it out”/not covering it with makeup help at all? 3) ... READ MORE

I have had a hematoma for about 1 week. Should more drastic treatment be taking place?

I am 11 days post op of lower face lift and chin lift. The right side of my face is doing great. The left side looks worse everyday. I have seen the... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post neck and lower face lift. When can I get my hair colored?

I'm 2 weeks post op from a neck lower face lift. When can I get my hair colored? I had two hematoma one after the drainage tube was pulled out it hit... READ MORE

Developed a hematoma 6 days post Lower Face Lift, am I overreacting if I want to go in earlier then my follow-up appt? (photo)

I developed a large hematoma 6 days post lower facelift. I saw my doctor and he said we should 'watch it' and to come back 2 weeks post surgery. Today... READ MORE

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