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Is It Possible to Have a Neck Lift/lower Facelift with Concealed Scars?

I would have this procedure in a heartbeat if I wasn't so concerned about people noticing the work done. This is probably why women like me continue... READ MORE

Why Are my Ear Incisions Still Not Healed After 16 Days Post Lower Facelift?

Why are my ear incisions taking so long to heal after 16 days post lower facelift and fat injections? The areas are yellow with no drainage READ MORE

Incision Under Chin Not Healing After Necklift?

I had a lower face/necklift 5 weeks ago. There has been a lot of swelling, thickness and lumpiness in the area under my chin and jaw in general which... READ MORE

Should I have a lower face lift to fix my saggy neck?

I had a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon regarding my "turkey neck".My worry is that the end of March is my child's wedding. He... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Neck and lower face lift?

What would be the best topical product to help reduce and heal the scarring post op. I'm scheduled for upcoming surgery and would appreciate some thoughts READ MORE

I had a band of skin remove on my neck to tighten my sagging how long does it take to fully heal and tighten?

Its been 2 weeks and i still have some sagging. My surgeon assured me it takes a few months for the skin and muscle to fully come back together... READ MORE

Is a thin skinned woman with little fat suitable for lower face and neck lift?

I am considering having a lower face and neck lift. I am in my forties and am very slim. I have thin skin and have had fillers for years to add volume... READ MORE

Twitching in cheek 4 months post lower facelift, will the twitches or spasms be temporary?

I had a lower facelift over 4 months ago. I also had fillers & Botox 1 week later. No Botox since. My face had felt a little more numb on 1 side... READ MORE

After lower face and neck lift , And fat transfer to upper cheeks , have noticed hollowing ... Surgery was 6/01/2016

H I have concerns , as have noticed after 1 week I have hollowing in my right sub malar .. Though i would wait till most of swelling goes down to see... READ MORE

How long after a face lift are you able to fly on an airplane?

I am 69 I had a lower facelift and eyelid surgery march 1 I plan to take a 3 h plane ride on April 8 , so its six weeks by then . I am healing very... READ MORE

Are my scars typical? Are they healing as they should? (Photos)

I am 3 months out from a lower face and neck lift. Are my scars typical and healing as they should? I massage them several times daily and I also use... READ MORE

Lower face lift: swollen on the cheek bone of the less swollen side and then swollen more on the other side. (photo)

I had a lower face lift 3 weeks ago where they stitch the muscle to the cheek bones. I am a very slim lady so my face is slim and on the left side I... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: 2 stitch lower face lift: symmetry with the ears and uneven mouth

I have recently had a 2 stitch face life and I'm still healing (one week ) however its appears very apparent that one ear appears to stick out more... READ MORE

Lower face lift, cheek muscles lifted to cheek bone. My cheeks get very red a lot?

Hi i had a lower face life about 3.5 months ago and I'm finally delighted after going through 6 weeks of anxiety with the way i looked. However is it... READ MORE

Red inflamed skin behind ears. Been like this since my operation on 21st March. (Photo)

Red inflammed skin behind ears since neck and lower face lift 6 weeks ago. My surgeon is not available . Not used anything as yet but would like to... READ MORE

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