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Young Patient with Deep Marionette Lines with No Other Wrinkles

I am 45 years old with pronounced marionette lines but with virtually no other wrinkles. I am substantially over-weight and have a thick neck and... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lower Facelift at 36, More Fillers, or Chin Implant? (photo)

I just turned 36, One side of my lower face sags much worse than the other one. One side of my face is thinner. I recently got 1 siringe of Radiesse... READ MORE

Lower face lift - am I a candidate? (Photo)

Hi I'm 46 and hate my lower face and neck droop. Am I a candidate for surgery? I'm been using fillers for years, thermage several times etc. Is it... READ MORE

Am I Stuck with This Crease? (photo)

Lower facelift with fat injections in June 2012. Marionette lines still visible on right side of face, doctor did revision, resulting in deep crease... READ MORE

Do I need a lower facelift? (Photo)

My face has lost it's oval shape and appears long with some jowling, had some dermal fillers put in the pre- jowl sulcus area a few weeks ago. READ MORE

Can Sculptra and Radiesse cause scarring in the face that may result in necrosis during the healing of a facelift flap?

After necklift/lower facelift consults, a doctor asked about fillers/location. I've had 6 syringes Sculptra over 2 years-in temples/ upper cheeks; 2... READ MORE

75 year old healthy woman who wants to look younger. Would I be better off with a lower facelift or fillers? (Photo)

I would like to add volume to my cheeks and fill in my nasolabial olds and lines on my chin and mouth. Would I be better off with a lower face lift... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift vs Botox/Fillers and other options for 34 year old female? (photo)

I have a very loose untoned face, in the past 3 years the bottom half has changed dramatically. I am 20 pounds heavier than normal due to no exercise... READ MORE

My entire lower face dropped down. Any suggestions? (photos)

I know i gained weight i just had a bay 6 months ago.. my lower face dropped down im 33 years old .. my jaw line is not at all clear i technically... READ MORE

Mid face lift with lower bleph? (photos)

I'm pretty sure the muscle in my face has fallen in last 3 years, not fat disappearing. No weight change from April '14 to Pic 2 (Feb '17). Every one... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a lower and mid facelift? What about the lines around my lips and malar issues. (photos)

I've been told I have a heavy face and problem malar areas. I gather that these issues are a challenge for some PS? Lymphatic massage has reduced the... READ MORE

Sagging face at 24. Jowls and marionette/nasolabial lines. What can I do? (Photos)

I feel my face has been starting to sag about a year ago. I used to have a very defined and pretty jow line, but now my cheeks are starting to sag.... READ MORE

Lower face going down like the Titanic! How can I fix this? (photo)

Athletic, active 59 yr. old female with a face going further south than the state I call home. Looking for conservative recommendations to lift lower... READ MORE

How do I create facial harmony and a more youthful appearance in my lower face? Lower face lift? Fillers? Chin implant? (photo)

I am 40 and am skinny, but the lower part of my face looks fat and the skin under my chin and my jowls looks very saggy. How on earth do I create... READ MORE

Why is my lower face like this? (Photo)

I don't understand why my lower face is so wrinkly and saggy. I hate it. I am only 25 and I hate to smile because of it. I am considering rhinoplasty,... READ MORE

Is it okay to have filler prior to lower face lift?

Hello doctors, I would like to have neck lift with a lower face lift sometime in the next 8 months or so. I used to get restylane in the nasolabial... READ MORE

Lower face lift - what are my options? (Photo)

At 35 I don't like my strong facial lines, fillers don't do anything but give me a wide face. Can any surgeons reccomned anything? Im from melbourne... READ MORE

Will I appear strange in the future if I have a lower face/neck lift at age 45?

I am 45 years old and have had sallow, sagging skin on my cheeks and neck for around 10 years. Lately, I have developed creping and deep wrinkles from... READ MORE

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