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What is the Difference Between Neck Lift and Lower Face Lift?

The pictures make the results look pretty similar. What are the differences in operation? READ MORE

Lower Facelift and Other Options for a 66-year-old?

At 66, what would be the best treatment for lower face? I have read so many negative articles about thread lift. Fillers will not be enough; I need a... READ MORE

Improving Marionette Lines with Lower Facelift?

How much improvement can I expect from a Lower facelift with fairly significant marionette lines? When I hold my face where approximately I think it... READ MORE

Is It Better to Have Filler First Before Lower Face Lift?

I'm considering Lower Face Lift but I would like to try fillers first. I am 49 years old. READ MORE

What to Do About Remaining Jowls After Lower Facelift?

I have had a lower facelift and my jowls did not move. How can a lower facelift correct and not correct the jowls? Do I have to do more lifting into... READ MORE

Will Evaluation for Lower Facelift Be Accurate if I Have Fillers?

I just had Radiesse for my nasolabial folds and Juvederm to fill out the upper and a little for the lower lip. Nice improvement. However, the... READ MORE

Should I Correct my Bite Before a Jowl Lift?

My dentist says I need neuromuscular work done on my teeth and orthodontic work for at least 3 months to correct my bite. I suffer from absolutely no... READ MORE

My 50 yr old face needs fixing (photos)

I have saggy jowls and it looks awful My cheeks appear hollow and there is a pad of skin under my rhs lower lip which is disfiguring. Im far from... READ MORE

Will There Ever Be Alternatives to Lower Face Lift and Neck Lift?

Will there ever be an alternative to surgical intervention for minor neck skin tightening and jowl reduction? One that works consistently?It seems... READ MORE

38 yr old female looking to improve looks as they show signs of aging. Best surgeries required to improve neck and face? (photo)

I am of slim build and have never been over weight. I'm not happy with the neck and lower face especially, and would like to know what procedures... READ MORE

Swollen face after 6 days of eye bluffs and facelift. Is this normal?

Just had my lower eyes and neck lift lower face lift and still very swollen on the left side . My neck feels and looks good but it is swollen to the... READ MORE

Is my face overly swollen from fat grafting done on Monday? Photo)

I am worried from what I see today that my face will continue to look like a round moonpie from the fat grafting I had done on Monday. I also had a... READ MORE

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