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How Much Does a Lower Face Lift Cost?

Contemplating getting a lower facelift but wondering price ranges READ MORE

I Would Like to Know the Price Range for a Lower Facelift (Neck Included) Surgery? (photo)

I had a consultation with a Manhattan plastic surgeon, and the price I was quoted seemed quite high (i.e., over $20,000). I'm posting photos and would... READ MORE

Is There a Doctor out There That Does Random Acts of Kindness? I Have No Money Due to Con Artists. (photo)

I am 51 years old who was worth millions. I was taken by con artists and lost everything. I am currently writing a book on the experience, but I need... READ MORE

How Soon Can a Revision Be Done After Lower Laser Facelift?

I had a lower laser face lift done approx. 4months ago. I have a fat pocket that hangs down under my chin right behind chin scar. It looks awful and... READ MORE

Why would a lower face lift cost $30,000?

I'm shocked at the price I was quoted for lower face lift surgery. Is this the norm for NYC? Wowza!! READ MORE

In 2017, what is the price of a lower facelift in Phoenix?

I would love to know without a lot of comments about "you get what you pay for". I know that. READ MORE

My entire lower face dropped down. Any suggestions? (photos)

I know i gained weight i just had a bay 6 months ago.. my lower face dropped down im 33 years old .. my jaw line is not at all clear i technically... READ MORE

Am I entitled to a refund? Bad scarring, poorly resolved earlobes and I still have sagging skin under my chin (Photo)

It takes me a long time to save $10,000, which is what I spent on this lower facelift and upper bleph (including one revision). I am amazed my doc... READ MORE

Marionette lines, what is best option? Approximate cost? Doctor recommending a lower facelift? (Photo)

Marionette lines are developing on my face. They became noticeable about 3 years ago. I've been getting regular botox on the 11's for 7 years and... READ MORE

I want to get a lower face lift. I would like to know the cost and what kind I need? (Photo)

I need to know what kind of procedure I need. I took off the bags inside my cheeks when I was 24. My face was way too fat, even when my weight was... READ MORE

Quote required Australia for Lower Facelift & Neck Lift? (photos)

To all the wonderful doctors in Oz. Is there any doctor that can compete with pricing from a very reputable over seas surgeon. I would like to keep... READ MORE

Why do some places charge different prices based on the number of lines and others just charge one flat price for each area?

Consults at 2 places ..1) Plastic surgeon..Advanced Lower face and neck $3650. Told less lines would be less expensive but result not as good. Costs... READ MORE

How much is a lower face and neck lift with lipo under the neck?

I know I'm going to need a lower face lift as well as lipo under my chin and so with all those things approximately how much is it in New York READ MORE

What is the cost of surgery just around the mouth area?

I don't need a full face lift, just around the mouth area. Cost is important to me because I'm on fixed income. I don't have any picture to show you. READ MORE

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