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Lower Facelift and Platysmaplasty 8 Weeks Ago and I Still Have Lump Under my Chin

Is this normal or do I need liposuction? Prior to surgery my PS didn't think it was necessary and I didn't either(I am slender w/ good skin... READ MORE

Mid Face Lift or Lower Face Lift with Chin Implant?

I am in early forties and I'm noticing indents on the corner of my upper mouth and lines around my mouth. I was wondering if I shall go in for mid... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lower Facelift at 36, More Fillers, or Chin Implant? (photo)

I just turned 36, One side of my lower face sags much worse than the other one. One side of my face is thinner. I recently got 1 siringe of Radiesse... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for laxity after lower face lift? (Photo)

What is the best treatment for loose and slightly sagging areas around the mouth and chin? I'm 3 months post and now that swelling is gone down can... READ MORE

Does a lower facelift change the natural smile and dimples? Does it fix marionette lines?

I am 45. I am trying to decide on what procedure I will be having for jowls, marionette lines and loose skin on my neck, under the chin. I would like... READ MORE

I had a lower face & neck lift 3 months ago. My neck still feels very tight. Does this frequently happen? (photo)

The problem is that the band between my neck & chin (from ear to ear lets say) is so tight that it looks like I have a large adams apple now, and... READ MORE

I had Lower Face Lift 3 wks ago, swelling under my chin hasn't subsided, I had an ultrasound which ruled out hematoma. (photos)

My Ps wants me to return back abroad to aspirated. Can this be done by a general surgeon in the uk how do they aspirated? is it with a needle or drain... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, I have a small pouch under chin after lower face lift and neck lift. Is this normal? (photos)

I would like to know if this is normal , to have this little pouch under chin , i have it since i have stopped wearing the head bandage at night a... READ MORE

What is the recovery timeline for lower facelift/smas, under chin liposuction and chin implant?

I have a mini facelift/smas with chin implant and under chin liposuction scheduled for November 30. Reading forums here is scaring me about about... READ MORE

What is the difference between tightening of the platysmal muscle behind the ear versus under the chin?

I am about to have a lower face lift, and my PS has indicated that my platysmal bands are to widely separated to allow for the usual 'corset' under... READ MORE

Seeking recommendations for doctors in Bay Area for a lower face lift. (photos)

My skin has been thinning more rapidly from taking a low dose of prednisone for many years. I was able to stop taking that a year ago. Though it can't... READ MORE

Can this chin be repaired? (photos)

6 years ago, I had a lower face-lift. It was never good, however, it is now getting worse by the day. Skin is starting to sag between the lumps &... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, I am still swollen. Any suggestions? (photos)

Six weeks post operation I am still swollen around my jawline under my chin I had liposuction however I have noticed my double chin coming back... READ MORE

Lower face lift - chin incision?

Hi, is it necessary to have an incision under the chin, in addition to those around the ear, when having a neck/lower face lift? READ MORE

I need a second opinion. I had a face lift 8 years ago and this how my neck looks now at 61 years old. (photos)

Lower facelift in 2008 Lipo in chin and left with this result. I became more noticeable in last few years. What would be the best procedure for me... READ MORE

Lower face lift and platysmaplasty 4 months ago.. Bruise , indentation , puckers and folds on chin scar, neck still not good.

I still have a bluish area visible on my cheek. ( appeared 4 weeks post op.) I have an indentation that runs across the top of my other cheek when I... READ MORE

What could be done to try to correct these area of my lower face and under the chin area. (photos)

Well, I believe the photos speak for volumes. I need a lift or some other type of treatment that could help the aesthetic look of the lower face. To... READ MORE

My doctor spoke with his colleagues who all believe this is an Allergic Reaction to PDS Stitches. Any thoughts? (photo)

My dr. removed the stitches inside my chin with bone like material around them. It looked like my body was trying to incapsulate the stitches from the... READ MORE

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