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Do I Need a Lower Facelift?

I'm 44 and have noticed the oral commissure starting to drop. I have considered filler in this area but I'm not sure which one is better. I've been... READ MORE

Can a Mid Face Lift Help with the Baggy Cheeks? I Have Big, Baggy Droopy Cheeks. (photo)

When my face is in a neutral positionI have baggy cheeks that looks saggy from nose down. When I smile my cheeks lift up and i then have a heart... READ MORE

Can a neck lift and lower face lift be performed safely under Local? I have 2 DVTs and Sleep Apnea. (photos)

First DVT 20 years ago, botched Plastic Surgery - General. Was hospitalized 1 week with Heparin. Afterwards put on study as low risk patient on blood... READ MORE

Lower face lift - am I a candidate? (Photo)

Hi I'm 46 and hate my lower face and neck droop. Am I a candidate for surgery? I'm been using fillers for years, thermage several times etc. Is it... READ MORE

Lower Facelift a good idea? (Photo)

Hello... I am 41 years old,and in the last year I have noticed that I am starting to age. I had an upper blepharoplasty 3 months ago which went... READ MORE

Is 39 year old good candidate for mid face lift/ lower face/ light lift?

I am 39 and ave been getting fillers for years. It's getting too expensive bc its not working as well anymore, and i have to go too often (cheeks,... READ MORE

Do I need a lower facelift? (Photo)

My face has lost it's oval shape and appears long with some jowling, had some dermal fillers put in the pre- jowl sulcus area a few weeks ago. READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a partial Facelift?

I'm 39. I've had a chubby face all my life. Now the fat seems to be moving downward, giving me an older, drawn, sometimes grumpy look. I'm developing... READ MORE

I Have Macrocytic Anemia Due to a Round Chemo. Is Lower Facelift Safe?

I was on 6mp for auto immune issues (crohns) for 1 1/2 yrs and d/c last oct. I now have macrocytic anemia. I bleed easily and have some trouble... READ MORE

75 year old healthy woman who wants to look younger. Would I be better off with a lower facelift or fillers? (Photo)

I would like to add volume to my cheeks and fill in my nasolabial olds and lines on my chin and mouth. Would I be better off with a lower face lift... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a mini lift? (Photo)

I am happy with the top portion of my face but have some sagging and jowls in the bottom half. I have been asked for additional pictures so I am... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a lower and mid facelift? What about the lines around my lips and malar issues. (photos)

I've been told I have a heavy face and problem malar areas. I gather that these issues are a challenge for some PS? Lymphatic massage has reduced the... READ MORE

alternative to periauricular incision on a lower face/neck lift

I have BPPV long standing and am interested in having my turkey neck and lower face/jaw smoothed. However, I am concerned about risk to my inner ear... READ MORE

Lower face lift. Will this be possible?

Hi doctors. I am 33 years old. 9 months ago i had a jaw reduction to reduce the width of my jawline. My surgeon used a burr to remove the outer layer... READ MORE

Possible to get lift in lower face/throat area skin only? (Photo)

I'm 50. I had a minilift at 47. I was happy in a way but have never had jowls; in retrospect it didn't really address the area I needed most: the skin... READ MORE

Candidate for lower face & brow lift? (Photo)

Just wanted some opinions while seriously contemplating a plastic surgeon suggested brow lift and lower face lift (because of my jowels). Also... READ MORE

Is a thin skinned woman with little fat suitable for lower face and neck lift?

I am considering having a lower face and neck lift. I am in my forties and am very slim. I have thin skin and have had fillers for years to add volume... READ MORE

What would you recommend for me to look younger and more attractive? (Photo)

What could I do to correct to lip don't want it to look. Blown up as many lip augmentation do also lm loosing weight need to loose at least 15.20 lbs... READ MORE

Do I need a lower face lift? (Photo)

I am 25 years old female. i wondered when does skin lose its elasticity, i am also a smoker, but i do not smoke heavily, just once per days(hookah),... READ MORE

After a genioplasty for an overbite, I was left with permanent nerve damage which caused my lower jaw and neck to sag (Photo)

I had 2 lip lifts and an elastic thread put through my nose and lip to show more upper tooth but its still not enough. would you suggest a lower face... READ MORE

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