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Lower Facelift 6 Months Ago and Still Have Bruising?

I had a lower facelift almost 6 months ago, my jaw and sides of my face are still brusied plus my eyes are brusied and I didn't have eye surgery. I... READ MORE

I'm 64. Are these scars and bruises healing normally? 22 days after lower facelift (Photo)

22 Days after my surgery I've been massaging under my chin about 8 times a day and I'm wondering if my under-chin scar and bruises are healing... READ MORE

Is it unusual to have bruising 7 months after a lower facelift? (Photo)

It's now 7 months after my lower facelift. I noticed bruising that looks like ink drawn on my neck in lines. They descend from the scars behind my... READ MORE

I still look very banged up 8 days after a lower face and neck lift. What can I do? (Photo)

I do see a difference each day, compression garment n/day.Pictures to ps yesterday, was not concerned, just said to keep doing what doing. My bruising... READ MORE

Is bruising normal after 7 weeks post-op?

I am 7 weeks post lower face/neck lift. The swelling is much better but I still have a bruise on one side of my face that just seems to never get... READ MORE

Is it normal for the bruising after face and neck surgery to turn into scabbing?

I had a neck and lower facelift 2 weeks ago. About a week after surgery my neck and the right side of my face became covered in scabs. My surgeon has... READ MORE

I have had a hematoma for about 1 week. Should more drastic treatment be taking place?

I am 11 days post op of lower face lift and chin lift. The right side of my face is doing great. The left side looks worse everyday. I have seen the... READ MORE

6 months after lower face and neck lift..indentation in cheek when smiling and bruise and swelling still on other side of face.

6 months after lower face and neck lift I now havea dent across my upper cheek when I smile. There is a faint brown line where the dent forms. It... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post neck and lower face lift. When can I get my hair colored?

I'm 2 weeks post op from a neck lower face lift. When can I get my hair colored? I had two hematoma one after the drainage tube was pulled out it hit... READ MORE

Lower face lift and platysmaplasty 4 months ago.. Bruise , indentation , puckers and folds on chin scar, neck still not good.

I still have a bluish area visible on my cheek. ( appeared 4 weeks post op.) I have an indentation that runs across the top of my other cheek when I... READ MORE

Lower face and neck lift/ 5 months post op? Still have a bluish bruise on cheek and indentation across other cheek when I smile

Doctor says it will improve but it has been 5 mo. and bruise is still there. The indentation when I smile he said is due to tissue placement and... READ MORE

Will swelling under eye after lower face/neck lift go away? (Photos)

From the very first week, I have had a huge swelling under my right eye, even though I didn't have anything done on my eyes. I am 7 weeks post... READ MORE

I have some sagging on my lower face but I have a health issue that may make surgery unwise.

I have sagging on my lower face, some jowling, and marionette lines along with some sagging on my upper neck. I have lost weight twice in the last... READ MORE

How long will it take for the swelling and bruising to go down after a fat transfer and lower face and neck lift?

I am scheduled for a lower face and neck lift this Tuesday and my plastic surgeon is suggesting that I get a fat transfer as well. I am very worried... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: 8 months postop: Still have dents in my cheeks and a bluish area with swelling in one cheek.

I still have dents in my cheeks when I smile and a bruise with swelling on one side. The side without the bruise is very tight and has a more... READ MORE

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