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Young Patient with Deep Marionette Lines with No Other Wrinkles

I am 45 years old with pronounced marionette lines but with virtually no other wrinkles. I am substantially over-weight and have a thick neck and... READ MORE

Sagging Jowls - Is a Mid-Face Lift Needed with Lower Lift?

I am 54, but look slightly younger. I don't mind the normal aging around my eyes, etc. but my sagging jowls bother me. My Plastic Surgeon says he... READ MORE

Is It Better to Have Filler First Before Lower Face Lift?

I'm considering Lower Face Lift but I would like to try fillers first. I am 49 years old. READ MORE

What is the best procedure for marionette lines?

I am 45, and a few years ago I noticed marionette lines and now they are getting more noticeable. I have had Artefill injected a few years ago and... READ MORE

Is There a Doctor out There That Does Random Acts of Kindness? I Have No Money Due to Con Artists. (photo)

I am 51 years old who was worth millions. I was taken by con artists and lost everything. I am currently writing a book on the experience, but I need... READ MORE

Does a lower facelift stretch the mouth out from side to side?

I am 45. I have marionette lines that filler did not help much and I am starting to get jowls. I am going to get a lower facelift, but I have concerns... READ MORE

Is the Area in This Photo Under the Jaw Considered the Area for Lower Face Lift or for Neck Lift? (photo)

I don't know which procedure to ask for. I am 46. I have a special event to be at the first week of Sept and have heard lower facelift is a fairly... READ MORE

Procedure to get a sharp jawline/Female, 50. (photo)

I am considering a lower face lift to tighten my neck and make a jawline as sharp as possible. I am not sure if only the lower face lift will do the... READ MORE

Does a lower facelift change the natural smile and dimples? Does it fix marionette lines?

I am 45. I am trying to decide on what procedure I will be having for jowls, marionette lines and loose skin on my neck, under the chin. I would like... READ MORE

My 50 yr old face needs fixing (photos)

I have saggy jowls and it looks awful My cheeks appear hollow and there is a pad of skin under my rhs lower lip which is disfiguring. Im far from... READ MORE

I am 54. my jowls are just starting to sag & I am beginning that marionette look. What is the best procedure with little downtim

I am 54 and want something to tighten my lower face. X wrinkles don't bother me but sagging jowls and marionette lines do READ MORE

Advice on Lower Facelift/Necklift for 50 Year Old. (Photo)

I am looking to get a lower face & neck lift. I have consulted two surgeons. One has told me that the only way he can perform the neck lift is to make... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift and Problems?

I had a blepharoplastyand a lower face lift in December of 2012. I am 47yrs old and after surgery under my chin looked loose but was told I needed to... READ MORE

Should I lose weight before Lower Face Lift? (photo)

Hi, I am about to turn 46. I have an 8 month old ( yes, you read that right) I still have 25lbs. to lose. Should I lose the weight before I have a... READ MORE

Lower face lift - am I a candidate? (Photo)

Hi I'm 46 and hate my lower face and neck droop. Am I a candidate for surgery? I'm been using fillers for years, thermage several times etc. Is it... READ MORE

Can I go on a long hike 6 months after my Facelift?

I'm getting a lower face and neck lift on February 25th. My husband and I are planning on hiking the Coast to Coast walk across England (190 miles) in... READ MORE

I still look very banged up 8 days after a lower face and neck lift. What can I do? (Photo)

I do see a difference each day, compression garment n/day.Pictures to ps yesterday, was not concerned, just said to keep doing what doing. My bruising... READ MORE

I'm thinking about a face lift on the lower half of my face. What do you think I need and how much would it be? (Photo)

I'm 45 and wanting to make a change. I have no cheekbones when I smile, the fat creates them for me. I have jowls and and a double chin/gobbler. What... READ MORE

What more can I do for lack of volume and elasticity in my lower face? (photos)

I've already had two rounds of Sculptra, juviderm, and laser tightening (both ablative and non ablative). I'm only 45 years old and it seems too young... READ MORE

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