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Stitches Dissolving but Skin is Not Totally Held Together. Should I Be Concerned?

I am 8 days postoperative from lower face lift and some of the crust is coming off my disolvable stitches but the skin is not holding together around... READ MORE

Rope Like Cord Around Neck After Lower Facelift, Will It Go Away? (photo)

When drains were pulled side of neck ballooned up. Other swelling reduced, but distinct cords not dissipating. Doc drained a little out at day 2, no... READ MORE

Adam's Apple After Surgery?

I am day 5 post op for a lower face lift with liposuction. After reading others' accounts, I believe I am where I should be except for the fact that... READ MORE

How Long is It Safe for the Drains to Remain?

I had anaphylaxis after a face/neck lift 9/12/13, causing extreme swelling. It has been 9 days, I still have drains in my neck the doctor is checking... READ MORE

I still look very banged up 8 days after a lower face and neck lift. What can I do? (Photo)

I do see a difference each day, compression garment n/day.Pictures to ps yesterday, was not concerned, just said to keep doing what doing. My bruising... READ MORE

It's been 6 days after neck lift and lower face lift - sore throat from breathing tube?

The left side of my throat is very sore along with left ear ache. I had dried blood back of my throat. Doctor said I had a breathing tube down my nose... READ MORE

I would like to know if a lower facelift alone can address a neck issue?

I have had a lower facelift 7 days ago. I went in for a lower facelift-necklift. When I was abot to go in the dr also mentioned a fat transfer which I... READ MORE

Developed a hematoma 6 days post Lower Face Lift, am I overreacting if I want to go in earlier then my follow-up appt? (photo)

I developed a large hematoma 6 days post lower facelift. I saw my doctor and he said we should 'watch it' and to come back 2 weeks post surgery. Today... READ MORE

Is my face overly swollen from fat grafting done on Monday? Photo)

I am worried from what I see today that my face will continue to look like a round moonpie from the fat grafting I had done on Monday. I also had a... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: 2 stitch lower face lift: symmetry with the ears and uneven mouth

I have recently had a 2 stitch face life and I'm still healing (one week ) however its appears very apparent that one ear appears to stick out more... READ MORE

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