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How long will it take for the scabbing behind my ears to go? I'm 28 days post op lower face lift/neck lift.

28 days po lower face/neck lift healing slow lots of bruising and swelling. Seeing ps reg. Presurg, wash hair every 3rd day, do not have oily hair .... READ MORE

Wrinkled Patch on Cheek One Month After Lower Face Lift and Neck Lift. They Weren't There Before? (photo)

I am 3.5 weeks post op with pleasing results. Still very numb, more one one side then the other and swollen. Just below my cheek bone I have a... READ MORE

Incision Under Chin Not Healing After Necklift?

I had a lower face/necklift 5 weeks ago. There has been a lot of swelling, thickness and lumpiness in the area under my chin and jaw in general which... READ MORE

I Had a Mid/lower Face Lift 5 Wks Ago, and my Right Ear is Numb. Can my Ear Regain Sensation After 5 Wks?

I have read that if the GAN is transected, it can be permanent. The other ear was also numb but has regained its sensation. I feel as though the right... READ MORE

Is this lump just swelling or something more?

I am 5 weeks post lower facelift and pixie ear revision. My right side felt too tight from day one and I have a 2cm lump in that cheek. My surgeon... READ MORE

5 weeks post operation. Is it safe to get my eyebrows tattooed this week? (Photo)

Hi to all the doctors who answered all my previous questions regarding my lower facelift, I am really happy with your answers. Can I ask if it is safe... READ MORE

No improvement in prominent platysmus muscles. Can anything be done? (Photo)

I had a lower face and neck lift in early December. There were no complications. I did cough a bit and sometimes spoke emphatically after the first... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, I have a small pouch under chin after lower face lift and neck lift. Is this normal? (photos)

I would like to know if this is normal , to have this little pouch under chin , i have it since i have stopped wearing the head bandage at night a... READ MORE

Day 30 post op, I seem to be swollen under my chin. Any suggestions? (photos)

Day 30 post operation lower facelift I seem to be swollen under my chin i had liposuction there, I can see some lines around the sides of my mouth,... READ MORE

Is jaw line pulled too vertically/sharply and are pleats behind ears normal after short scar lower face lift? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks post short scar lower face lift. I feel my jaw line is pulled too vertically and looks unnatural. I can actually see my lower jaw move... READ MORE

One month ago I had a necklift and lower facelift. The platysmal band on the left side is still hanging.

My doctor told me both sides of the muscle were shredded and scarred, yet she managed to do a perfect job on the right side. I am not satisfied with... READ MORE

Still can't blink or close eye after lower face lift, it been over a month - no improvement.

Had lower face & necklift, still can't close or blink eye. doc said to come back in 30 days. I am taping eye shut & using drops. I don't see... READ MORE

Are there methods to help speed up dissolving internal stitches after having a lower face-lift?

I had a lower face-lift 5 weeks ago and have damage to my marginal mandibular branch. I have little to no movement to my right upper lip. My doctor... READ MORE

Neck skin laxity after Vertical lift. (photos)

I recently (1 month ago) had a Vertical Lift which included lower face and neck. My doctor said he didn't like to do a reduction of neck skin only... READ MORE

Scarring behind ears really long after Lower Face Lift, will they fade so as not to be visible when I wear my hair up? (photos)

I had a neck lift and lower face lift 6.5 weeks ago. I'm concerned about the scars behind my ears. I didn't expect them to be so long down the... READ MORE

I had a lower facelift and neck lift 4 weeks ago. Would going to the dentist after only 4 weeks be a problem?

I wondered if seeing the dentist for a cleaning and possible x-rays would create an issue due to the stretching of the jaw and holding the mouth open... READ MORE

I have periorbital swelling. It's been 5 weeks. I also underwent and upper Blepherplasty neck lift and lower facelift. (photo)

My Dr. is very experienced and believes its swelling from the Co2 lazor, but I'm wondering how much longer this could last? READ MORE

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