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Are Wrinkles and Lumps Normal After Lipo?

I had lipo 6 months ago. I have excess skin (which looks like a fat roll) above my belly button. Below my belly button my skin is tight but, it is... READ MORE

Does This Look Normal After Liposuction? My Waist is Pretty Small. (photo)

My stomach has some wrinkles in it and my PS said it was from making the incision very short. Is this true? I would have rather had the incision... READ MORE

Stomach Lipo 7 Years Ago - Since Losing Weight I'm Very Dimpled & Wrinkled

I'm 25 now and only had the lipo so young because I was getting a breast reduction at the same time(bad back issues). My breast are also very... READ MORE

Is Wrinkled Skin After 8 Days of Submental Liposuction Normal?

I am 55 year old female with pretty good elasticity in my skin. I had submental and abdominal liposuction 8 days ago. I'm still quite swollen on... READ MORE

Indentation 2 Weeks Post-Op Laser Lipo?

I had laser lipo 2 weeks ago and even the day of surgery noticed a indent in my lower abdomen. Also my skin looks uneven and a little wrinkly. I am a... READ MORE

3 weeks after lipo and I have hard lumpy areas, wrinkled abdomen. Is that normal? What can I do?

I had liposuction on abdomen and arms .I am at 3 week , surgeon suggested after lipo massages , ultrasound,carboxitherapy ,garment and a foam. I have... READ MORE

Liposuction with Skin Excision?

I'm getting Liposuction on my abdominal area. After I had two children, I have a bit of wrinkles on my skin. I don't have loose skin hanging when I'm... READ MORE

Do I have to wear garment more than 3 weeks and what is the best think to do with swelling, do I have to use diuretic ?

I'm 32 year old I Did liposuction in my abdomen,chest and flanks 3 weeks ago and I've wearied garment for 3 weeks but there is still a little of... READ MORE

Will Liposuction make my abdomen have a lot more extra skin? (photos)

I recently had a consult for fat grafting where they take fat from my stomach, love handles, and under my bra area to enhance my buttocks. I am 22... READ MORE

Why do I have folds in skin in stomach after lipo and hard areas and how can this be corrected? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op after bbl. I have folds in the skin that look like wrinkles with hard areas underneath in my stomach. I have been wearing my... READ MORE

Inner thigh lipo, uneven, saggy skin close to the legs (I had no saggy skin before). Do you suggest grafting fat again? (photo)

I got lipo to in inner thighs for fat grafting donation, Now I have lumpy, uneven inner thighs, with specific saggy and wrinkled skin in the parts... READ MORE

I didn't wear my garments after liposuction. Is it possible that the contouring my doctor did will be damaged?

I had liposuction 3 weeks ago I slept without my garments last night. Is it possible that the contouring my dr did will be damaged because I didn't... READ MORE

What can I do to avoid more wrinkles in my belly button due to piercing and lipo? (Photo)

I had a piercing for 12 yrs and 3 pregnancies, so my tummy stretched a whole way. I recently had lipo and my belly button is super wrinkly, worse than... READ MORE

Lumps and wrinkles in abdomen after Liposuction. Please help! Will this resolve itself? If not, what are my options? (Photo)

I had liposuction of abdomen 4 months ago, for muscle definition. I had a lean abdomen before the surgery, now my belly looks deform and still have... READ MORE

Woman with big fat sausage fingers. Can liposuction , reduction and skin tightening be done on them? (photo)

Fat, large and wrinkled man hands. Can you make them feminine, people stare in shock and horror. READ MORE

I had dog ears repaired after TT, with lip on hips and stomach. How can I get rid of the wrinkles I was left with? (Photo)

A few weeks post op I had some rippling &wrinkles &was told to start massage, however 2 months post op I have a lot of wrinkles! Will this smooth out... READ MORE

At 3 1/2 months post off Lipo, does this look normal? (photos)

I had Lipo done on March 9th 2015. I don't see much of a change and my lower abdomin seems to be "wrinkled" now. At this stage about 3 months post op... READ MORE

When Will Skin Not Feel Wrinkly and Unable to Stretch with Pain Because of Arm Lipo?

I had liposuction in many areas that I did not give consent, now becoming problem areas, but as to arm lipo i only see one incision on the inside of... READ MORE

Can Fraxel repair + fat grafting be used to treat wrinkles above/inside inner knee area caused by recent liposuction? (photo)

Hi, I had lipo on 6/14 to slim the area of my inner knees (I’m 43). Thought I was going the safe route by only having the medial area of my knees t... READ MORE

My belly is wrinkled really badly after liposuction. Will this go away? (Photo)

I got liposuction 4 days ago and my stomach looks really wrinkled, swollen and weird will this go away READ MORE

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