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Is My Tickle Lipo Progressing As It Should? (photo)

I am one week post op from tickle lipo. My stomach actually looks worse than before the surgery. Is this normal? Does it look like it is swelling? She... READ MORE

1 Week After Lipo my Pain is Significantly Worse, What is Going On?

I had lipo on my abdomen and flanks 8 days ago. I took percocet the first 3 days or so and then didn't need it. Today, the pain is bad! A... READ MORE

Is It True That Getting Lipo Multiple Times Can Make the Area(s) Look Worse and Lumpy?

Is it true that getting lipo multiple times can make the area(s) look worse? Lumpy even! READ MORE


I'm 7 days post op .My lower back got lipo and I think my waist . But I have a huge pocket right in the lower center of my pack that's extremely... READ MORE

How long after Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck will I see results?

I had a Tummy Tuck and Lipo suction done almost 3 weeks ago. For myself I even look worse now and more fat prior to this. My clothes are very tight... READ MORE

Will liposuction make my c section flab look worse?

I've had 2 c section and the bottom of my belly just hangs there no matter what I do it will not go no where and I'm scared that the liposuction will... READ MORE

Is it possible that cavitation ultrasound could make me look worse?

I have had treatment on my abdomen and it now looks worse than before the treatment. I was told that my fat was hard and that the cavitation... READ MORE

I'm thinking about liposuction & skin tighten.Will this help stretch marks/ fat or become worse?What would you recommend?(photo)

I thought about liposuction but still don't know what will help my stretch marks and I'm only 42 years old. I had a tummy tuck about 14 years ago and... READ MORE

Please help! I had lipo and reduction. I started Prednisone today. What is this? (Photo)

I had lipo and reduction. I'm cleaning allergic to something. I started Prednisone today. What is this?? It's worse at night! READ MORE

Recorrect liposuction done on stomach two years ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had liposuction done on my stomach two years ago. My stomach looks and feels lumpy, much worse than before I had the surgery. I used to be able to... READ MORE

Will liposuction to my back be effective or is this mostly loose skin any recommendations? (photos)

I really want to minimize the fat rolls shown in my back but I'm afraid of making it worse by doing liposuction. I'm already scheduled for a tummy... READ MORE

Can this back roll be removed with Lipo? (photos)

I had lipo and I still have this roll infact I think it looks worse after. My doctor said that can't be removed is that true or does he just not want... READ MORE

I had Lipo to thighs worst decision , can I reverse ? Will exercise improve the shape of my buttocks ? (photos)

I'm quite over the plastic surgery , it's been 2 months and I hate the results , I was left with dents on the side of my buttocks and I don't... READ MORE

Why does Liposuction make cellulite appearance sometimes better and sometimes worse? Is it because of laser methods?

I have read many times that cellulite can look worse after liposuction. However I have had a consult for upper and lower circumferential legs which... READ MORE

Does liposuction make your problem areas that are untreated worse?

10 years ago I had liposuction on my midsection. It's a little bigger now after and injury that kept me from running for 1.5 years and a very... READ MORE

Liposuction swelling in thighs is actually worse 2 months in? (Photo)

Hi. I Had liposuction on my thighs on March 19th. (Inner and outer and waist). My four week results appear to be better than my two month results abd... READ MORE

Two years later, still have distension issues. Why? (Photo)

I asked about this before, now here I am and my color is better, but the distension is worse! I saw the surgeon again,He said he would redo the upper... READ MORE

Is it ok to have swelling after Liposuction?

Is it ok to have sweeling getting worse on 4th week lipo after it has been better although i am not doing any exercises or heart rate rising activities? READ MORE

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