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Smaller Waistline Through Liposuction?

I am very close to making a decision on getting breast implants and while I was told this will make my waist appear smaller, I actually would like to... READ MORE

Can Someone Who is Overweight or Mildly Obese Get Liposculpture or Smart Lipo, for Body Shaping Purposes?

I'm a 24 year old African American woman whose BMI is 39.3. Though my BMI is high I live a fairly healthy lifestyle and I am losing weight slowly.... READ MORE

Comparison: Slim Lipo - Zerona - Liposuction - Smart Lipo - Lipo-Ex

Hi, i am so confused with all the technology available. I am 20 years old , i weight 115 pounds, my height is 5'0. i am very active and have a... READ MORE

Does Back Fat Removal Help Decrease Waistline?

What if you don't have much body fat on your abs but hold it on your lower back? If you remove the fat from the lower back does your waist become... READ MORE

I have Lost my Waistline After Tummy Tuck, Will Lipo Help Contour?

About five years ago, after 2 kids and several years of breastfeeding, I had a breast reduction. I requested a tummy tuck as well. I was not a good... READ MORE

Is a Severe Leg Pain Normal After a Liposuction ?

I had liposuction done two weeks ago on my hips, inner and outer thighs and the waistline, the first week i was fine not very much discomfort and than... READ MORE

What Surgery Will Help Me (SLE) Get Rid of the Fat Around my Waist? (photo)

I eat right (veg, fruit, water) & exercise. My legs & arms are toned. I can not get rid of the fat around my stomach. I've tried thermal... READ MORE

Can Laser Lipo Give Boyish Slim Figure a Waist?

If I have LL done to the waist or flank area only will I get a waist? I'm 5"3, 115 lbs with no hips or waist? What procedure can be done in order to... READ MORE

Will I Have Sagging Skin After Full Back and Waist Lipo? I Want my Tiny Waist and Bubble Butt Back. Lost 10 Lbs. (photo)

Despite the pics i have a small frame, I used to be shaped like rihanna type not a large butt and great waist to hip ratio.then i gained weight... READ MORE

Does It Look Like I Need Liposuction on my Back or Flanks? (photo)

I have gotten two different opinions, one doctor says he will lipo my back, flanks with the tummy tuck (no vertical scar). The other doctor says I do... READ MORE

What Lipo Option is Best for Me for a Smaller Waist Line?

I'm 26 and have a boyish figure. I'm 5.5 weigh 115 and want a smaller waist to improve my curves.. I have some fat around my waist but not a... READ MORE

What is the best way to dramatically reduce my waistline and/or flanks? Also, what is the cost/recovering time? (photos)

I've struggled with this problem my whole life. I've been recommended and tried running longer distances, waist training corsets, ultrasonic flanks... READ MORE

4 Years After TT ans I have No Waist Shape, Would Lipo Help Add Contour?

I had a full tummy tuck almost 4 years ago, but I don't have anymore my waist shape, know my body is square-ish and out of shape. I wonder if a... READ MORE

Fat Transfter After Lipo Made Me Boxy?

I used to have very big love handles, which made for a very extreme waistline curve, which I loved. I had lipo of my back and inner thighs, and my... READ MORE

Will I Continue to See Shrinking Abs and Waist Line Results As I Get Closer to 3 Months Post Op Lipo?

I am ten weeks post op lipo of bra rolls..flanks..and tummy..around 1900cc of fat removed..about 90% of swelling is gone..i wanted to know if i will... READ MORE

I'm 18 years old 5"3 126 pounds.. But you can't tell it because of belly and love handles. Would liposuction help? (Photo)

This is a picture of the before and after that i did on a lipo app on my phone tr after is how I want my stomache an waist line to look will... READ MORE

What areas do you suggest I have liposuction in order to have a define small waistline? My butt is 100% natural. (photo)

Hello Doctors. I had a tummy tuck on June 10,2014. However I still carry a lot of fat around my waist. By looking at my photos I provided what are the... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for upper and lower belly fat (above and below waistline). Non-invasive or Liposuction?

I am A very fit and healthy 71 years 5'5", 150 lbs. with strong core and well proportioned and cannot tolerate much recovery time away from my sports... READ MORE

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